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I loaded a blank CD, but it won't mount and it won't eject. (I can hear it trying to do so as I write this). I tried restarting holding down the mouse button, but unsuccessfully, and I can't use Disk Utility because it isn't mounted. Its an iMac so it can't use the firmware method, and there is no pin hole to eject manually. I also have no warranty now. It seems I'm screwed. Any suggestions out there? What's the cheapest option? I'm worried the CD/DVD drive is going to burn out as it keeps repeating its unsuccessful ejection process,

Mark Schlesinger

Imac, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    I am having the same problem cd will not eject it keeps trying to eject but won't.
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    If it's an RW disc try putting something on it and then it might eject. OOther than that, you're screwed
  • j4bray Level 1 (0 points)
    If it's an RW disc try putting something on it and then it might eject. Other than that, you're screwed
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    Any one know how to open the case to get to the cd/dvd player. istill can' get the cd out. Thanks Ed
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    We are having the same problem with our iMac. However it is not a blank CD, it is a music one that was put into iTunes. My husband was in the middle of converting his library from cd's to his ipod and this particular CD will not eject. It sounds like it will eject and then it makes a sound as if it is just being put into the drive, and loads again and automatically opens iTunes. It asks every time if we would like to import the contents of the CD into iTunes and despite ticking the box which says do not ask this again it continues to do this.

    We have tried to eject the disc from the keyboard (pressing and holding down eject), by highlighting the CD and ejecting it by pressing the icon, and in finder. Each of these has the same result, the CD restarting the process. Is there any physical or manual way to get into the CD drive to remove the faulty disc?
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    After days of trying to get the CD to eject I put a folded piece of paper in the CD slot, and after several attempts pushing the key board eject the CD came out. and then i went and bought a external CD drive. I received no help or suggestions from APPLE, They wanted to charge me and the computer is only 13 months old. I WILL NOT BE BUYING ANOTHER APPLE COMPUTER. What a screwed up company A very dissatisfied customer in philadelphia, Pa.
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    i have the same problem too the cd wont eject although it is trying too...i tried to clip it with another cd and the tray just swallowed it...i took it to the apple store and a they said "they have fixed the problem" when i got home the same day i tried it again to see if they really fixed the problem but i was wrong they cd is stuck again...thank god i still have 5 days left of my limited warranty...tomorrow im supposed to go to the apple store and im gonna give them a gonna break things up there (figure of speech) in my name and your names fellas...take care
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    I also had been loading audio cds, when the 6th cd got stuck.

    I just tried the paper trick, and it worked....but I'm not keen on putting another cd in there.

    My Intel imac is about 3 weeks old....

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    I had an audio cd stuck in the drive. Imac is only 6 weeks old and I took it to my local authorised repairer. They fitted a replacement drive but this had intermittent faults with a cd getting stuck. The logic board was finally replaced and all is now working as it should.
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    I have the same kind of problem with my iMac. I've had it for about 11 months and it just started acting up. The disk drive isn't mounted and I have tried doing all of the restart and hold this key/button/mouse thing and cannot get the disk to show up. I tried sticking paper in the drive as some have had that work, but I do not know how far to stick it in or how many times I hit the eject button before giving up. I am very frustrated and I refuse to pay for this to be fixed since it shouldn't be happening in the first place. I will keep searching for answers on here in the meantime, but I need my CD drive to work!
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    same problem, i've found that if i put in a playing card (3 of spades to be exact) into the slot, to one side or the other, (not sure which) just after it stops spinning after an eject try, this will get it to eject.

    I have one type of DVD that always gets stuck, and another type that doesn't...

    and random for other CD's and DVD's... a very poor design...
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    the cd is not coming up on the desktop or in the finder or in itunes, so i think it didn't go in all the way and is stuck because...
    I've tried everything else...option key and then 'eject' or command+(.)...nothing happened!
    through the firmware..."eject cd" said it couldn't eject the cd.

    so i have to try and eject it manually...i can't find the 'eject hole', i don't think it has one!
    how do i get the cd out of my computer w/o breaking it!!!
    there's a lot more music i want to add to itunes and my new ipod!

    Help! ali
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    Hmmm. I wish I had something to add. I found this thread (and others) because my Aluminum iMac's Superdrive seems to have crapped out - it ate a disk (which thankfully was not important), made some spinning noises, and then disappeared. There's no mention of the hardware in Apple profiler at all - and none of the ways to eject a disk work.

    To top that off, my one year warranty expired a few weeks ago. I don't know how successful I'll be in trying to get them to fix it. I see that FastMac has a replacement drive for $150 that may fit, and there are instructions on how to get inside.

    I'll try to update this thread as I have more news...

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