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I just updated my ipod touch to the latest software.. 2.something. After it was done updating, all the music and filed on it are now gone... a lot of them were purchased on the ipod music store and when i plugged my ipod into my computer, it didnt sync them over like it is supposed to.. where are my music.. there are probably 100$ worth of songs on my ipod that were purchased from the built-in itunes that i cant just put back on....
  • schaferc23 Level 1 Level 1
    does apple not post on these forums... I lost over 100$ of music without so much as a warning that the ipod would be cleared...
  • daching Level 1 Level 1
    The contents on the iPod is supposed to be deleted after an update or restore.
    Before any update is performed, there will usually be an agreement box. On the first line it states: warning: all the information and contents on this iPod will be erased after the update. Please back up your iPod now. (I'm not accurate but it said something like that.)

    I was also surprised at first; losing up to $250 of music and videos. But there is just nothing anyone can do about it
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    I have just purchased an ipod touch on Saturday and went home and synced it with my itunes library. After syncing I also got a message about a software update 2.1 (I believe) for $9.95, after it was done installing I disconnected and packed it up. I work on the road so I got up on Sunday and left for Iowa. Sunday evening I turned my on ipod touch and there was nothing on it. I will not be home till Friday so I am gonna drive myself nuts wondering what happened but from what I have read in the other posting is that if I go home and plug in my ipod then it will sync all my songs in my itunes library? I had not purchased anything on my ipod touch yet. I also did not pay attention to anything about backing up or resyncing after update. I guess dumb on my part for not reading it better. Sorry to the other guys for losing songs after their update. I guess I can be thankful that I had not purchased anything yet.
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    mine is kinda of doing the samething but mine i updated then only a couple of my songs got deleted but im still ****** because i ten dollars deep now. but the other songs i purchased are still on there i dont get it.
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    To answer your question, apple doesn't post on these forums (except in extremely rare occations). It's user-to-user support.