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I have an extremely annoying issue since I upgraded my original iPhone to 2.0 and 2.1:

- I've got an iPhone (8GB, first gen) with 2.1 firmware
- Mac Pro early 2008
- Aluminium Keyboard (standard)
- iTunes 8

Whenever I attach my iPhone, the keyboard goes dead. Totally. Only way to re-animate it is by unplugging the iPhone and wait 5 seconds, then re-plug the keyboard. This is on a newly created Admin account on the Mac Pro and the iPhone that has been through a total factory reset back to 2.1 today...

And a newly re-installed iTunes 8 on (all computers).

Note my iPhone is no longer recognized in iPhoto or Aperture or iTunes on the Mac Pro either.

However, the iPhone works fine on a Mac Book Pro (newest model).

It does show up and sync on an iMac Intel 2.0 GHy, but kicks the Aluminum keyboard on that machine as well...

What is going on??

I will have to double-post this in iTunes and iPhone section, apologies in advance, but this is just too ridiculous... someone must have an answer to this. At least an explanation. I have been through every single USB port on my Mac Pro.

Apple "Genius" in Apple Store Regent Street recommended an archive & install of Leopard 10.5.x. Yeah right. I am working on this machine, I have not got time for that silly idea...

The thing is, this all worked fine before the 2.0/2.1 update... but why is the bl oo dy thing working on a new MacBook Pro and not on my Mac Pro?

Mac Pro Dual 2.8 GHz (2008) 10GB, 30" Cinema Display + 23" Cinema Display, Mac OS X (10.5.4), Apple XServe Dual-XEON, 4 GB, 2x 750 SATA, 1x SAS drives, iPhone, Kerio
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    Ok, further testing revealed the following: Under Windows XP on the Mac Pro, plugging in the iPhone (no response) and then the Apple Alu.keyboard shows a bubble that a USB device is not functioning properly... Turns out that un-plugging my Alu keyboard and plugging my old Apple Keyboard (white plastic) not only makes the keyboard usable, but also shows my iPhone in iTunes again!

    Currently got both keyboards plugged in and can typu on either and my iPhone works again.

    V weird.
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    Update: After about a week working fine, it got unrecognizable again. Pluggin in the iPhone 2G does nothing on the computer or itunes.
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    this is the same issue i have as posted in a thread above. i've seen it posted elsewhere too. this is BS...
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    // Apologies for cross-posting this in three threads, but as it - at least for myself - provided an instant solution to a nagging problem, it should be alright. //

    Alrighty, here we go - today I FINALLY made successful progress WITHOUT having to re-install my entire system...

    I figured it was very weird that my iPod Mini would work fine on my Mac Pro USB ports, as all other small devices did too, but that the iPhone (first gen) would simply not trigger any reaction whatsoever.

    The iPhone could be ruled out from being the funny one as it was instantly recognized on Macs in the Apple Shop. As I really did not feel I had time to archive & install and whatnot on my work machine, and the fact that I always thought my Mac Pro should have a few more (USB) ports, I researched suitable internal USB expansion boards.

    After reading up about it, I decided to get this one: *Sonnet Allegro Express USB* - this card installs in seconds - you simply sht down your Mac Pro, pull the mains plug, take off the side door, unscrew the two thumbscrews holding the blind plates towards the back, take out one of the blinds, push the card in carefully but all the way in, re-attach the blind-holding plate and fire up your machine.

    I plugged my regular iPhone dock into the back, pushed in my iPhone, and was instantly greeted by the short humming of the iPhone! Starting iTunes, the iPhone popped up in the side bar again - my precious iPhone is back alive and happy to sync contents!

    Very happy to finally have found a solution.

    If anyone tries this, I really hope it works as good for you as it did for me - if it doesn't, then for about $50 you've at least got those extra four USB ports on the back of your Mac Pro you always wanted

    Good luck!
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    Mac OS X
    Based on the fact that the Sonnet card worked, I suspect a problem with the stock USB ports/cable. Perhaps a power problem.
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    Oops, forgot to mark this as "solved" - as by my experience it works in the dedicated USB card.