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Ok I wondered if someone could help me please, I'm trying to upload my iweb site to my host godaddy which is also where i got my domain name from I used fetch to upload files and they all apear to be in my file manager on godaddy but whenever i go to my URL www.laurabuckingham.com all i get is

Not Found

The requested URL /Welcome.html was not found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Apache/1.3.33 Server at www.laurabuckingham.com Port 80

I emailed godaddy and eventually i got somewhere but still didn't work then i got this email yesterday from them saying.....

You would normally have your script and coding put together with the proper file names and paths prior to uploading the site through the file manager. Once you have uploaded the files to the file manager it would not be as easy to update the coding although it is possible. Please note we do not provide assistance with the coding of the site. At this time your files are uploaded but it appears the index.html file is set to redirect to Welcome.html which does not exist.

Does anyone know what i have to do to resolve this issue as I'm not technology minded enough to understand that and all it is doing is frustrating me as it looks like I've wasted money with godaddy

Can please someone help me please?
P.S I'm new to this and think i just posted this as a reply but it is actually a question!
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    Firstly, have you got Windows or Linux hosting from GoDaddy? If you have Windows then switch to Linux, as this is more stable and works better with iWeb.

    Secondly, did you upload all the files that were made when you published to a folder from iWeb? When you publish to a folder you get a site folder with the same name as your site and then a separate index.html file. You need to upload both of these in full. Uploading individual files from your site folder leads to problems and it is likely that if you do this, they will be in the wrong order. Just click on that folder and upload it in full.

    Also, did you place the files in the Public_html folder at GoDaddy where the files are visible?

    Lots of people here use GoDaddy without problems and once uploaded, you do not need to alter code at all.
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    Oh my god thank you so much, it is working now. I saw somewhere i had to upload each file separately and this is obvisouly went wrong, i should of came here friday would of saved myself of stressing so much. Thank you heaps xxx
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    Do you happen to know where i can get a hit counter from that is preferably free but will work on iweb to godaddy, as the iweb one wont work only if i use it on .mac which I'm not now as you kindly helped me again Thank You So Much!
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    Have a look at http://www.bravenet.com. They have free hit and visit counters that will work for non mobile me accounts.

    If you don't like any of those or the designs do not fit in with your site design, then I got my latest one from http://www.hitcounterexpert.com. Check that out too.
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    Let me see if I have this correct: upload to the file not via the ftp client?

    I have used dreamweaver 8 and just got a mac. I am sick of the complex programs and need easy for a change. I want to redo all my web sites(4). My other question... I have multiple sites, how do I create more than one web site with iWeb so they are not published all together in one file?

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    If you want to upload directly to your web space, then yes, you need to use an ftp client such as Cyberduck. You need to upload the site folder and index.html file that iWeb creates on publishing to a folder, to the Public_html folder at your server or whatever it is called for your site to be viewable.

    I would suggest that you use a program called iWebSites that helps you manage multiple domain files. Either this, or you need to duplicate your domain files and keep separate sites within each domain file. Be sure to back these up though - found under User/Library/Application Support/iWeb/domain.sites. If you don't and you hard drive crashes for any reason, you will be in trouble and will have to re-build your site from scratch as iWeb cannot import - it is not an html editor in the same way that Dreamweaver is.
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    StatCounter is a very good free counter. How to add it to an web page is discussed in Old Toad's Tutorials #12 and 13.

    This demo page has an HTML Snippet counter (at the top) and this page has a post publication edit counter. The post publication edit method lets the user determine the font, style, size and color of the text based counter. The snippet based counter must be configured at the StatCounter site and has limited options.

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    Thank you so much to you all for you help, I much appreciate it!