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Hi, I am having trouble running spore on my macbook, i am able to play somewhat but i cant seem to view the creature creations part, at certain points the screen is black where it should show color. since this only happens in certain points of the game i am curious if this is fixable with a driver update(where i could get this driver for a intel GMA 950 for mac im not sure) now i know that on the box it says that the game only supports the x1300 intel gpu, but the game runs already on the 950 more-so than not. if someone could help me i would greatly appreciate a link to possibly update graphics drivers if there are any, or if someone knows of a fix for the game spore (note that i have heard of a fix for the mac mini and the game works fine on windows with an intel 950.) just macbook users with a 950 are sitting in the dust. help plz.

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macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.4)