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    Ok...I'm really ticked off right now. Apple just released the code that is suppose to fix this. Airport Extreme Update 2008-003 was released Today for those running 10.5.5! I just downloaded it, and honestly I think it may be even worst! I get full bars for a minute, and instead of it steadily declining, It just flat drops to 0 bars for a few minutes and then goes back to full bars on it's own. I'm going to keep playing around with this, but I shouldn't have to. They should just fix this properly. When I boot off my install disc and turn on the wireless while running off the disc, I get full bars the entire time. When I boot off the harddrive, it get intermittent connection. This is a software issue, and just the fact that they released this new update is proof that Apple is acknowledging it as a software issue. I'll trash my system preferences and build a new network connection , etc, before I completely give up....but my first impressions are not good. Anyone else having better luck with this update?
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    I have been having the same problem and it is driving me crazy. I had a MacBook Pro on a wireless network using Time Capsule and all was working fine. I also had other devices using the network, including XBox, Asus eee notebook, iPod Touch and a mobile phone. I recently added an iMac and it was unable to stay connected to the wireless network. I would have 4 bars and then suddenly nothing, then it would reconnect. I have checked positioning and interference, but it got steadily worse. Then suddenly on Friday it seemed to stabilize. I am hoping that it stays fixed, but since I have not changed anything that I am aware of, I am not very hopeful. I even suspected my docked iPod Touch and turned of wifi on that in case it was interfering in some way, but I have turned it on again and still no problems. Anyway, fingers crossed!
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    I had this exact same problem today, was driving me NUTS because I was trying to work remotely all day. I tried Safari, I tried Firefox. I disabled IPv6, dropped my network from 802.11n to 802.11g and down to 802.11b in an attempt to improve stability. I disabled my AppleTV, and turned off my iPhone's wifi! I made sure the PS3 was off and even tried standing on my head and performing ancient tribal rain chants .. nothing, no rain and still no network ... meanwhile my MacBook was chugging right along!

    After it was all said and done, with a lot of frustration, I was getting ready to start ranting at some poor tech support person. I noticed that my home phone was mostly dead due to all the conversations I had had during the day. I hung it up .... and haven't had a problem since!

    I never have my home phone near my mac. Only thing I can think of is the 5.8ghz phone was trying to talk to the base unit and was interfering with the network. Here's to all of you who're still having problems. I can't say it WILL work for you all, but it's something else to try, at least!

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    well, check that. I've ruled out the phone. The final thing that I can think of is the iTunes streaming media to the AppleTV. That and the iDisk were the only two things that I re-enabled and the iDisk has been working for quite some time now. I fired up iTunes and streamed to multiple speakers .. BAM .. dropped connection within 10 minutes (two songs).

    It might be coincidence, but that's one helluva coincidence! Come to think of it, I was streaming music pretty much all day today ... further investigation ensues.

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    I have been fighting with this for over a month. Took my iMac to the genius bar and of course it worked fine in the store. Brought it back home and the problems start all over again. I have tried everything on every post about this in iMac, Macbook pro, MacPro, etc. Change wireless channels, security settings, turned off every wireless and remote thing in the house, zapped pram, bought a new Airport Extreme to replace my Airport express, did a total erase and fresh install of the OS 10.5.2 and did not do any of the updates or install anything but what is on the start up disc. It still will only connect if the iMac is close to the Airport. If I move to a different part of the house I lose signal down to zero. Then it will come back strong and then lose it again. My eMac, QuickSilver PowerMac and Dell laptop have no problems at all, it's only this New iMac. This must be a hardware problem, I believe I have eliminated every thing else. I will be taking it back to the"Genius" thursday and will stay there or leave it with them until they cane figure it out. We have all payed way too much money for our Macs to have to put up with this.
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    I've looked and studied and researched and confirmed that the issue seems to be completely centered around iTunes, at least for me. My MacBook has always worked rock solid, and my iMac was infinitely better after running Onyx maintenance software (I recommend getting the latest version if you have had yours for a while).

    There are other posts which discuss how to clean up your references, and nuke your existing plists for network configs. I recommend searching on that if you continue to have difficulty (I'll include a couple of links here when I get home). It seems that the predominant issue is tied directly with broadcom wireless cards and the 7.4.3 airport update (if you have one), with some people having random problems with the 004 update as well.

    Any other observations? If we can narrow this issue down to some very fine points, we can give some direct feedback to Apple and get them rolling on where to look.

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