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Just hooked up my new 24" IMac. I want to transfer everything from my Mac /book Pro. It gave me that option when I was in the set up screen, but I decided to do it later. I want all my files, pics, and bookmarks transferred to my new IMac. What's the easiest way? I have a fire wire cable to connect them.

IMac 24", Mac OS X (10.5.5)
  • Ahsan Level 3 (690 points)
    1. Start your MBP in 'Target Mode' (press and hold the 't' key while the machine is starting up and release the key when you see the firewire symbol on the screen).
    2. Hook up your MBP and iMac using the firewire cable.
    3. In iMac open "Migration Assistant" (in /Applications/Utilities folder) and follow the onscreen instruction to transfer your files over to iMac.
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    I have an iMac G4 with OS X 10.4 on it, and I recently purchased a refurbished eMac with OS X 10.5 on it. Would the file transfer directions be the same as above (for the PowerBook to iMac)?
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    You can hook them together with a Firewire cable, but be very careful about what you transfer from a PowerPC Mac to an Intel Mac.

    Use Kappy's Migration Guide.
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    If you're transferring from the iMac G4 to the eMac, then, yes. You wouldn't need to worry about transferring files from a PPC to a Intel (it's all PPC here).
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    I swear I read iMac! But if it is an eMac, please disregard my comment.
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    Read the first post over again. While jumbled it looks like they are referring to a MacBook Pro, not a Powerbook. MacBook Pro is the name of the professional lineup of notebooks Apple made with the new Intel chips since 2006, whereas the Powerbook was the G4 and earlier Macs that were portable for professionals from 2005 and earlier. This is why the followup suggestions are confused.
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    In other words:

    Kappy's tip is valid for:

    eMac -> MacBook Pro
    eMac -> iMac Intel
    Powerbook -> MacBook Pro
    Powerbook -> iMac Intel

    but is not necessary for iMac G4, G5 -> eMac
    or iMac G4, G5 to Powerbook