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I really want to be able to save a whole pages file as JPEG, is this possible w/o exporting as PDF and then saving as a JPEG in Preview? When i do this I find my resolution really lacking.

(I'd love to be able to save just a portion of a file as a JPEG like you could in the old Microsoft Publisher, like when you created a logo or graphic and right clicked on it and could "save as picture", but saving a whole file as a JPEG would be a start!).

imac, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    Not directly from Pages, but you can do it with the software on your Mac. Export or Print your Pages document as a PDF & open that PDF in Preview. Use the selection tool to select the area you want. You can crop & save as .jpg, but I recommend going to the File menu in Preview & choosing New From Clipboard to make a new file. This is because some programs, Pages in particular, will always "see" the unselected area & paste the whole thing. I also suggest using .png rather than .jpg. .jpg is a "lossy" format, .png will be much clearer.

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    +Menu > File > Print > PDF > Open PDF in Preview > Menu > File > Save As > Format > JPEG > Menu > Tools > Crop > File > Save+

    See how much easier it is in OSX, than that nasty ol' Windows?

    As an aside, saving flat areas of color, usually found in logos, as jpegs is a very, very bad idea. Use pdf instead and retain the vector graphics, if you must go to bitmap then use tiff.
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    As an aside, saving flat areas of color, usually found in logos, as jpegs is a very, very bad idea. Use pdf instead and retain the vector graphics, if you must go to bitmap then use tiff.

    I've got to disagree slightly here. I think choice of bitmapped graphics format depends on the end-user and their intent for the document. If your documents use only tiffs, they will get very large very quickly.

    If the transmission-method of the document is to be emailed around, and print quality is an unimportant or secondary consideration, JPGs are the way to go - not tiffs. You will have smaller files that are easier to send out and receive and you will reach more of your audience with respectable graphics.

    If however print quality and graphics brilliance is of primary importance, and file size is less important, then tiffs and pngs are the better choice for bitmapped graphics.

    Since I email many documents to clients, it's very important to have smaller docs. Otherwise many mail programs will kick them back to the sender!!
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    If the graphic is for the web or email, jpegs are still a bad format as they are intended for photographic style images and cause blurring and fringe artifacts due to their cluster compression.

    For the flat colors used in most logos and graphics the best format is gif or png.

    Tiffs depending on the subject matter can be crunched down enormously using the compressed option without losing any detail.

    But if you read what the OP wrote, which seems to be to reuse the logos, pdfs are the format of choice.
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    As an aside, saving flat areas of color, usually found in logos, as jpegs is a very, very bad idea. Use pdf instead and retain the vector graphics, if you must go to bitmap then use tiff.

    Splines - absolutely, anytime.

    Internally, JPEG converts to a colour model with one lightness channel and two chroma channels. Compression crunches the chroma channels more than the lightness channel, a trick also used in the colour model Kodak implemented for PhotoCD. The rub is that JPEG also downsamples. JPEG is particularly problematic for composed type that becomes a blur whereas TIFF in 1 bit can be compressed tremendously without any loss whatsoever. /hh
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    To convert a single object, select it and Copy it. Open Preview. From File, select New from Clipboard. Save as... in format of your choice.

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    The information on this thread has been very helpful (I didn't realize a Pages document could be converted to JPEG or TIFF).

    The problem I now have, is that I can save a brochure I've made as a TIFF, but only one page is actually saved when I open the TIFF file (the brochure has two pages). Am I doing something wrong?

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    If you go in Pages:

    +Menu > File > Print > Open PDF in Preview+

    You will see each page as a separate image.

    If you do not see the separate images in Preview go:

    +Menu > View > Sidebar+

    Select each one in turn then save to tiff, jpeg, png etc. This creates a series of files each one showing one page.
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    Thanks, that worked.
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    Oops, spoke too soon.

    When I print to PDF, the last letter on a word on the front of the brochure is partially cut off vertically. It looks fine in Pages...

    Has anyone seen this before?
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    Is it possible the font was substituted and the text run long, or that something else is overlapping it?

    We need a better description or screen grab of what has happened.
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    I checked for overlap, and there wasn't anything blocking it. I sort of fudged it by adding 3 or 4 spaces after the final letter and that seemed to work.

    How does one do a screen grab and display it in a thread (I'm somewhat new to Mac)?

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    Cmd **** 3 takes a picture of the entire screen and saves it to the desktop.

    Cmd shift 4 gives you a cross hair which you can drag over the area you want and that is saved to the desktop.

    To show the image here you will have to have the image showing on a website somewhere, like .mac/ myspace, yahoo etc, and include the url in your posting.
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    Here's a thread in Feedback about Discussions with the information you need.

    I use InstantShot or Screenshot Plus Widget to capture the pictures & then GraphicConverter to crop & re-save them (you could use Preview). I have to use InstantShot timed screen for menus & to display Pages inspector properly. I use my iDisk for hosting the pictures.