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I have read several different posts about creating contact groups to tranfer between iTunes8 and my iPhone 3G v2.1.

I have tried all of them and no matter what I do, whether it was Outlook 2007 or the Windows Contacts, I never get the option to select groups.

When I open iTunes, I go to the Info tab. Sync Contacts with Outlook is selected, and the radio button for All Contacts is selected, but the other radio button for Selected groups: is grayed out as well as the box below and I cannot select it.

I assume that this is telling me that iTunes does not see any groups in Outlook 2007 to sync, but I have created several test groups in different manners and this is always the case.

Anyone have ideas? I have several hundred contacts and would love to have about 5 or 6 groups so that I can find them easier, even though the finger slide is pretty easy, I just want better organization and I would imagine that with a phone that is so full featured, that there must be a way to do it.

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Dell Dimension, Outlook 2007