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I tried to take an update last night for my iPhone and it almost finish when my phone shut off and came back one with the iTunes symbol and a cable under it. then it says phone in recovery mode? and i dont know what to do i dont want to erase my phone and everything on it i dont even know if i got the update.

Pentium 4, none
  • VioletVenom Level 1 Level 1
    support line is about as helpfull as these forums, they didnt answer any of my questions i told them it does nothing when restoring. they pretty much told me i am outta luck. Y! this update was suppose to seemlessly go into my phone now i have a super sleek paperwieght HELP!
  • Kensei Level 1 Level 1
    Try resetting the phone by holding the home and the off button for more than 10 secs.

    If that dont work then you will have to do a complete restore. Hopefully you backed up you iphone before the update. If you didnt make any changes to itunes it will default a backup for you everytime you connect. After the restore you can then resync everything.
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    I have the exact same problem. It was working fine this morning but I went to the Facebook app and it kept crashing and bumping me back to the home screen. I turned it off, and while off plugged it in to my computer at work. The battery was pretty full as it was but when I turned it on (while still plugged in) iTunes said:

    "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes."

    Well I did that, but everytime I try restoring I get the Error 6 message and cannot restore after it's done verifying. I trashed the old .ipsw files and redownloaded the current one, and I've tried restoring on both my computer at work (windows) and at home (leopard) and no luck.

    Help please!
    Adam Lawton
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    Did you turn your phone off while it crash? If so you should've turned it back on to boot. This could be the reason why itunes noticed it as recovery.

    Did you try to unplug shut it down and do a hard reset by holding the home and the turn off/wake/sleep button for more than 10 secs then restart. It should've booted to normal.

    In the case if you left it plugged in and didnt turn it on while on itunes that is probably a reason why itunes detected that you wanted to do a recovery restore.