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I bought the itouch couple of weeks back. I have found two problems with this ipod which is little worriesome. First if i choose to switch off the Wifi, when i turn it back on the wireless network although gets detected but there is no connection

The accelerator does not work well.Sometimes when it shows the album art view it does not come back to the normal vertical view of the song.

I pod touch 2nd Generation 16 GB
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    Ok, the wifi problem is a little strange, but i would advise checking the wifi settings once u have turned it on. For example, some wirless networks need proxy codes, or passwords. Double check these, and the ipod should connect to the internet.

    I have also had the same problem with the album art problem. The way i have been getting around it is to make sure the ipod is verticly upwards when you turn it. The accelerator is tempremental when you go onto the cover flow (i know it shouldnt be!)

    Hope i have helped

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    I find the same problem with the wifi IF I have the wifi turned off then shutdown. Upon restart, I can't connect without making sure the wifi is turned ON again and then doing a restart.

    The same thing does not happen if the wifi is working, the wifi is turned off, then the ipod is merely put to sleep.

    So, my work around for now is to try to remember to turn the wifi ON before shutting the ipod down. Then after I start it up, I turn the wifi off if I don't need it.

    It's a major pain if I forget to turn it on before I shut down.
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    Regarding my wifi problem, i travel from Boston to Hopkinton and hence to save battery life i turn off the wifi when i am travelling. When i come back home i enable it and then the problem starts. It is the same network whose settings are saved in the ipod. The solution in this case is to turn off the ipod and then the same network starts working without me changing any settings. It is very strange but i think should be fixed. I should not be restarting the ipod just to make the wirless work.
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    I couldn't log on at home or at a WiFi hotspot unless I went through the same ritual as JAD12.

    I was reading some other discussions and found this procedure.

    1. Turn WiFi ON, select the network, wait until the iPod sees the network, including the
    padlock icon in secured networks.
    2. Turn WiFi OFF, then turn it ON again.
    3. Again select the network.
    4. Wait about 10 seconds or so and you should get connected.

    Stay in the Wi-Fi Networks page while doing this.

    I've "broke" my iPod by restarting with WiFi turned off which "breaks" WiFi and this has reconnected me each time.

    The key seems to be turning off WiFi and then on again. Also you need to select the network each time.

    I'm using WEP, and have my Airport configured for the MAC addresses of each device.
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    I believe the WiFi problem is a common issue w/ all 2G iPod touches, I have a 32, and I have problems hooking up to my own router @ home (Linksys, w/ WPA Encryption and MAC filtering) it connects but the "wifi" icon doesn't show, I think it may have something to do with either the model or the firmware. BUT once connected everything DOES work fine. =p

    Even so @ work, trying to detect the MBP's Airport Sharing IP is also proving to be an issue, so it must be a common problem the device / firmware.
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    Yes it must be a firmwire issue. But does anyone have experienced the strange problem with the album cover flow? I face this daily and its driving me nuts.

    Say i am walking with the itouch keeping it in my pocket. Obviously the ipod gets tileted and goes to the cover flow display. It does not seem to come back from this mode to the normal play screen when u turn the ipod vertical.
    The solution is to press the menu button and then click on Music.
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    i'm trying to find out if my 1 week old ipod touch will connect to any wifi network. i've tried several places (i.e., mcdonalds, hampton inn, etc.) today, i went to my local library and still couldn't connect. the wireless network was absolutely available, but my touch wouldn't work, no matter what. i was able to see the "signals" on my ipod which indicated the network was available.
    i got "error occurred while sending mail" and i got "cannot get mail, the connection to the server failed." i'm thinking my new ipod is actually damaged. i read with interest the part in the notes that you have to turn on and off the wifi, etc. what do you think? would you try that or go in and exchange it?
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    i haven't had the album art problem, but i have learned to put my touch in a holding pattern when i put it in my pocket etc. that way, no activity on the screen affects what the ipod is doing. i hope this helps, a little. just press the on/off button one time. don't hold it down or it will turn completely off. same thing to bring it back up, press quickly one time and the touch will go back to where you were.
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    Hey Trishikh,

    If you haven't already try resetting Network Settings, go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings.

    Also try restoring the iPod touch and setting it up as a new iPod.

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    I think u should go for an exchange. This work around stuff should'nt be required at all. But this seems like a major problem which i have not experienced. just to make sure: when u add the public wifi make sure u go to the safari page and open up a page. It happens to lot of public wifi system.for example i experience this daily in commuter rail that i travel by . What that will do is it would take u to the vendor's web page where u might have to click on some "Connect" thingy to get started.
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    hey, thanks for the info. since i posted this note, i found another page with so many complaints that i can't even mention them all. there are people saying "class action lawsuit" and stuff about the wifi problem on the ipod touch 2nd generation. some people are begging apple to go ahead and acknowledge the problem and give us new software or a patch or something. i'm going to the apple store next week and make them test my ipod. i now think it's a common problem and not just this ipod. also, my area is so out of ipod touches right now. i don't think there are any 32 gb's in this city to even exchange this one for another. except for the wifi mess, i love this thing. i have been using "notes" all morning instead of getting a piece of paper and pen. did you figure your problems out?