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Ok, so I know this may not seem like a huge issue to some people but for anal people like me it is. So I have just downloaded iTunes 8 and upgraded to software 2.1. First problem I encountered was all of my music on my iPhone not transferring over into iTunes 8 so I had to upload about 2-3 albums back onto iTunes. But more importantly...I got everything back up and running and I synced all music onto my phone and as I started playing my music I seen that some of the album artwork did not match the song I was playing. Not all songs are like this, but some of them are. I would be listening to "Shaking" by Sugarcult and the artwork to the Soundtrack of Sex and the City would come up and its really starting to **** me off. Anyone having the same problem? Anyone know how to fix it? Oh! and also, When I'm on iTunes the correct album artwork would show up. But alas my phone has yet to fix the problem.

Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP
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    This is to do with iTunes. When it's "grabbing" the album artwork, it's finding the closest match it can, or none at all. If it's incorrect, simply go into File Info on the song and manually add the cover. The easiest way i've found is to use Google Picture, then click and drag into the Album Art box. You will have to apply this to all the songs on the Album, as artwork is attached song-by-song, not by the album name.
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    You don't understand. It's fine within iTunes. I have the same problem. It was fine before I installed blasted IPhone 2.1 software. I don't think you're being anal, it defeats the purpose of artwork if it's showing the wrong artwork.

    To reiterate, the artwork is fine in iTunes. It is wrong on the iPhone.
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    Exactly the same problem here. Let's hope Apple sort this out...
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    Same problem here also. Happens to albums and podcasts. Really annoying!!
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    I'm having the problem where a few of the latest albums I've purchased through itunes on my phone are only showing part of the album artwork. It's crazy. Only on my phone, it will show the top quarter of the album artwork when the song is playing; about as far down as the time elapsed tracker box that pops up with a tap. I don't get it. I'll rotate it to coverflow and it shows up fine. Rotate back to the upright position and it cuts it off. Other albums are blank in the upright position (while playing) but show up in coverflow. It's not all of the albums I've purchased recently, just some. Like others, everything is fine on my actual computer.
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    I too am experiencing the same problem; the artwork is not corresponding to the music being played and I am exremely frustrated by this. I have called apple support and the told me to send an e-mail to iTunes.
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    This is a mad one, I have similar problems with one or two tracks.

    Used to get this on my ipod classic but within the music tab there is a tick box for syncing artwork which if un-ticked and synced then re-ticked and synced used to do the job, but no such tick box in the iphone music section.

    Even more bizarrely with my artwork problem the wrong artwork shows when the phone is held in portrait, if i flip the phone so that you see cover-flow the artwork is correct, if i touch to turn the album over to view the track list then the tiny artwork icon shows different artwork again.....

    I sorted the few tracks simply by syncing them out of the iphone then back in. Who knows why this is happening........

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    Same problem here. It only started after installing iTunes 8 & iPhone software update 2.1.

    All artwork appears fine in iTunes.

    On iPhone just listened to Diminished by REM, artwork shown was Oasis' 'Definitely Maybe'. In cover flow view the artwork is still wrong but appears in the 'right' place i.e. with all my other REM albums.

    Happens with maybe 1 track in every 3 or 4 played on average on iPhone.

    Not life-threatening but still irritating!
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    Great! Thought it was just me, but I see many here are having the same issue.
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    I have a similar problem and it's bizzare. Album artwork is all fine in cover flow in the iPhone but if I go to album view some of the thumbnails are ok but some are completely random. Fix it quick apple it's been driving me nuts!
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    Are you there, Apple? It's me, Margaret...

    Same problem here. So frustrating to the anal among us! I know, some of you are thinking, Get over it. Because, really, how often are we staring at our album art? Not the point. One expects things to work as advertised.

    I wonder if Mr. Jobs ever has this issue with his album art?
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    Why would he? ...he uses a Nokia N95
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    I too have this problem which frankly is rubbish. And what response to Apple give? Nothing.

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    Apple isn't listening here because these are user to user forums.

    The problem with wrong artwork showing up is because the artwork database has become corrupted on the iPhone. This can happen when disconnecting the phone during a sync or while the computer is still communicating with the phone.

    To solve this, you have to remove all music from the iPhone and then synce it all back on. The artwork will now show correctly. This will only work once all the music is removed.

    By the way, I know it's a habbit for people to blame Apple for everything gone wrong with users problems, but this isn't an Apple created problem but a user one.

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