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Maximus100 Level 1 (0 points)
I have an iPhone 3G that worked properly ever since I bought it. Little trouble with some applications, but nothing to be worried about.
I noticed something weird though. When I am at one Walmart location here in Baton Rouge (specifically the one on College Drive) my phone acts up. trying to read email...reboots....trying to get on the web .... reboots....getting phone calls, ....reboots once I hang up. When I got out of the store, everything was back to normal
Anyone ever experienced something like this before? Looks like the twilight zone in there

HP, Windows Vista
  • Valerie Mcmillen Level 1 (20 points)
    My phone did the EXACT same thing yesterday. I was at the Turningstone Casino at the time. I turned the phone off, left it off for about 1/2 hour, then back on, it seemed fine for about 4 hours, then, it started again. I turned it off and back on and now its fine. I have NO idea what is going on. OH, I also have the original Iphone, not the 3G.
  • locondcoco Level 3 (590 points)
    mine did that about 2 months after i bought it. long story short? it was ultimately replaced by Apple.

    i rebooted, restored from back up, restored as a new phone. nothing worked. the replacement hasnt had any issues.
  • Mac.Intosh Level 1 (5 points)
    My iPhone spontaneously reboots as well, only when I enter the Super Walmart in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

    First noticed this in late November when attempting to use the camera to snap images for price comparisons. Opened the Camera app, centered my shot, and as soon as I attempted to take the photo the iPhone completely blanked out, followed by the white Apple logo.

    Thought it was a fluke, so after the long reboot (which was odd too), I tried again. Managed to get one photo this time, then... CRASH.

    Happened again just last night. Picking up supplies for a relative's RV waste system while here on holiday, I pulled out my iPhone to look at my todo notes. I no sooner started to mention the odd crashes to my brother-in-law standing next to me when it crashed and rebooted right in front of our eyes! It continued to spontaneously reboot as soon as the home screen would come up as we walked through the check-out.

    I have yet to experiment with enabling Airplane Mode and/or turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. I'm prone to think it's a software issue related to one of the RF discovery services and not a manufacturing defect necessitating replacement.

    I've been in plenty of other metal buildings and places with limited GSM/WCDMA signal without spontaneous reboots, so a 'faraday effect' is likely a red herring in this case.

    Dear Apple... perhaps since you're selling the iPhone at Walmart now, you ought to look into this?
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    Wal-mart seems to crash my iphone as well. If I'm just on the phone, it seems to work fine. As soon as I open safari or mail...it goes straight to the silver apple.

    No idea what is causing it. Cell phone reception is fine at the time, and it is not joining any wifi networks.

    Any ideas? Seems pretty dumb that they're going to be selling the phone and something in their store seems to be conflicting with them.
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    I am in Ontario, Canada, my iPhone rebooted 7 times in Wal-Mart tonight. Gonna be awesome to see what happens as the sales start going on down in the Wal-Mart in the states.
  • locondcoco Level 3 (590 points)
    for those of you still experiencing this, as i stated in my earlier post, mine did this for a while and was eventually replaced.

    i would try doing a restore first (as a new phone). if the problem persists, take it in to get replaced. even the genius was stumped.