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Hi there,

I got my iPhone 3g 2-3 weeks ago
And I notice this battery isn't performing to how apple describes it

I am lucky if I can do a movie that 1 hr 30 mins
And do a hr of Internet browsing before it needs a recharge
That's on edge network as there is no 3g in my area, so I turned 3g off, wifi is off unless I'm home
I'm charging it 3x In a day
That's no calltime btw

I contacted rogers about it, they say it's operating within normal parameters
Call that BS, 2-3 hrs use and it needs charging is far from normal
I think that rogers is trying to avoid sending me a new phone

I also followed rogers-apple 7 step process, it did nothing
I also fully killed the battery and attempted a fresh charge a few times, no improvement

Figured I should ask the forum as I am not sure what else to do without replacing the phone itself through warranty

Anyone have some ideas??

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  • total_war Level 1 Level 1
    Just did a test
    2 hrs Internet browsing on edge and one movie
    I'm getting the 10% warning
    Think it's time to get a replacement sent from rogers
    Even turning off location services didn't help
    Incase anyone is wondering, auto brightness is turned off
    Brightness set to 25-30%

    Anyone else think of anything?? Or should I just get this replaced??

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    it does seem to be on the low side. but just an FYI, all warantee issues are handled by apple. you'd only bring it back to rogers if you werent satisfied with the phone and wanted to return it within the specified number of days (if rogers even offers that).
  • total_war Level 1 Level 1
    I was told rogers sends you a replacement phone
    You take out old sim card, put it in new phone
    Ship your old one back, or else rogers charges the phone to your bill
    Read about this on other iPhone websites
    I guess I will find out when I call rogers iPhone technical support
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    The BIGGEST drain on your battery will be video. What's is you battery life without playing video?
  • RestlessFool Level 2 Level 2
    It's also an issue about how many and which Apps are running. Many Apps are not 'friendly' in their battery usage - once triggered, never sleep - and many Apps are Apps-centric, considering themselves to be the ONLY thing that is running AND the only thing of any importance! Only one App (the WRONG App) can have massive NEGATIVE impact on battery-life, even if a user thinks that they have not 'really' used it.....

    As we know, users are unreliable barometers. As we also know, concentrate on the fixed points of reference: remove ALL Apps from the iPhone, switch off ALL unused services and then see how the battery performs....

    Report the usage figures on that basis and it makes comparison easy, otherwise it makes comparison only TOTALLY meaningless!
  • total_war Level 1 Level 1
    I was able to pull about 3-4 hrs roughly just on 2g network
    3g was turned off along with the settings listed above
    apple says 5 hrs on 3g, 10 hrs on 2g according to specifications

    Something has to be screwed with my battery
  • total_war Level 1 Level 1
    I restarted the phone before I did this test
    Should mean no apps running in the background
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    Remember, Apple will have taken the "best case" readings for the battery life. This means playing a video will be done with no email and in airplane mode with the lowest screen brightness.

    I find mail and location services to be the biggest battery killers, especially if the servers you use are not accessable from the internet (iPhone tunrs off wifi when asleep and if the email program trys to fetch it gets stuck in a power sapping loop).

    I usually watch a film over my lunch break. I get about 1h of viewing before my battery level drops by one notch so I think i could get 5 or 6 hours out of it.

    I have 3G off, email set to manual, location services off and I usually restart the phone every day to kill off any stuck applications that can eat battery as well.
  • RestlessFool Level 2 Level 2
    For example my iPhone 3G is currently at about 95% battery charge with a standby time of 1 day 4 hours and a usage of 1 hour 7 minutes on 2G (being mainly outside 3G coverage) with 14 available Apps (12 loaded, none running in background).

    I have no problem with battery although my iPhone is left on 24 hours a day, mainly unplugged from any power source (as the 1 day 4 hours standby and 95% battery capacity shows).

    An enormous amount of variability seams to appear with people who are using (large?) numbers of questionable-quality Apps which they leave running (rather than ensuring they've terminated then correctly/completely), all of which increase the usage time: if the usage time is high when YOU have not been using the iPhone then maybe you need to ask "Which Apps are using my iPhone's battery when I'm not using my iPhone"?
  • dirosi Level 1 Level 1
    Hi There,

    I experience the same problem. Stand-by is max 4h. Utilizing even worse. Does anyone know about any comments from Apple on this issue? I do not have the same problem with my i-Touch.
  • total_war Level 1 Level 1
    Sorry about the late reply
    Was working in the lab, 16 hr days are a b**ch
    anyways I smell a battery recall if this stuff keeps happening with these new iPhone batteries
    I tried rogers last night, I was on hold for over 2 hrs before I hung up
    Ear was going to fall off if I kept holding it there listening to their music

    I will try again later
    It's obvious apple has a major bug with apps not closing when they should be causing battery leakage

    Also, location services off added a extra half hr to browsing on 2g
    But based on results. I'm only getting half the battery life I should be by 2g specifications at 10 hrs
    Instead of 3-4 hrs, this phone is a month old is what ****** me off the most
    This should be happening at least a 1-2 after I got it

    We'll see what rogers does and I will let u know the results if they ever answer the tech support line

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  • Kwopau Level 4 Level 4
    mine lasts 12 hours of usage, and 4 Days of standby. This is from a single battery charge. I don't plug my iphone to my itunes often either.
  • Phil Powell Level 1 Level 1
    It's just a drawback of the iPhone by the looks of it - there's no point having all these features if it needs plugging in every five minutes. I'm surprised by the poor performance of both iPhones - my first gen went faulty twice and on the original, the two replacements and now the 3G, battery was/is pathetic. strange considering the macbook battery lasts for eternity - sort it out Apple!