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  • maxspire Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I realize that what I'm about to report may not be the solution for everyone, however, for me, the problem was solved by passing a magnet over the right edge of the MBP, near the speaker ports. This trips the monitor sleep switch and brought my display back. Seems the Hall Effect switch was just stuck or required toggling or something.


    I used the lid of my iPad 2 for the magnet, but you could use any relatively weak magnet to achieve the same thing.

  • The__Jackal Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    @maxspire - when your screen was black, did your capslock and volume up / down keys still respond, or was your mac asleep?

  • coocooforcocoapuffs Level 3 Level 3 (845 points)

    My 3rd replacement board has been working now for over a year or more... but ur right, everyday I wonder if it will be the last for this MBP, and I will have to spend 2000+ on another. Irritating!

  • maxspire Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    @The_Jackal: I had no response from keys -- the Mac was asleep, pulsing white light on the front of the chassis, etc.

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    Has a solution been found for the blank screen issue? I have an MBP bought in 2007, only now has the screen gone blank.  However, I know that the computer is still running properly, when I force-reboot, I hear skype start up, I can adjust volume, can connect to it on the network. In a dark room I can see that the screen has light in it, but there's no items on the screen. As far as I know, the MBP is working perfectly, but just not displaying anything on the screen. Wondering if it's the display hardware...


    I've not done any updates, firmware or otherwise, in the past week, and haven't changed any settings. If anyone has any clues, or if there's been any solutions, please let me know.

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    @moniarde - does the external display port work? If not could be the Nvidia issue, otherwise you're as stuck as we are...

  • moniarde Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    No, doesn't seem to work. Have no way of seeing what's on the computer except by network. You think Nvidia?

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    @moniarde Only one way to find out - take it into a Genius bar and they will run a test. Mine passed so no free repair for me (although mine is intermittent and came back to life during the test).


    Also I have a feeling (no proof) that if I play a video (say on youtube) then the screen comes back. I created some AppleScript to do that from a shortcut I can use when the screen goes black... but as the problem's been getting worse I think this is a temporary fix.

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    My early 2008 MBP was killed by the GPU.  However, the "geniuses" would not fix it because the logic board was dead.  The hard drive, DVD drive and flashing white light was the only life.


    I took it to my local authorized service center.  They were able to perform a full diagnostic, which is something apparently not performed at Apple Stores.  My logic board was replaced under the Nvidia service bulletin.


    FYI, Apple denies this can happen, but it does, and did to my machine. Xlr8yourmac, GigaOm and Mobile Magazine all have addressed the issue that Apple denies as occurring. 


    MobileMag says: an "overheating GPU more than likely cooked itself and created a short in your logic board that wont allow it to boot at all."  According to the tech who worked on my machine, that is indeed what happened. The silly stuff: Cupertino called me after my repair had been performed to advise me they couldn't do anything for me, which I thought was pretty funny. I had referred to these articles during my escalation process with the company.  On this call, Apple said the issue of the GPU shorting out the board was possible, but it "never happens."


    FYI, the USB plug-in test apparently works in only a percentage of affected logic boards that actually can fire up, but Apple is treating that test as gospel.

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    This issue is super frustrating. Early 2008 MBP. Getting the nearly dead machine issue, heating the machine allows it to boot. I've tried to have the external NVIDIA test run three times at the Genius Bar, and of course it never runs. One genius told me that MBPs of this era have a lot of GPU and logic board issues.


    I am extremely disappointed in how Apple is handling this prevalent issue.

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    Have an Early 2009 MBP too. Same symptoms as everyone: blank screen, no chime and a forever lit power button. Took it to an Apple service provider and they told me it's the logic board and it doesn't qualify for the NVIDIA problem/test because there's no chime. I still want to them to test for it though. I told them that what if the NVIDIA issue is what caused the logic board to fail and they said they'll get back at me tomorrow. Hopefully, it will be fixed. Double thinking if I should still buy a Mac next time considering how this kind of problem is very common.

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    = UPDATE =


    I pulled out my MBP from the AASC because they insisted that the problem was in the logic board and that I needed to replace it. I brought it to a generic laptop technician instead. He cleaned the insides a bit, re-aligned the graphics card and here I am now using my newly-fixed MBP. I only had to pay $100.

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    Last week my MBP 'died' and after a quick web search realized the symptoms were such that I qualified for a free replacement logic board. Got a genius bar appointment at a new store in Glasgow Scotland within an hour. Got there produced the MBP, told the 'genius' i knew about the replacement logic board program and he agreed this was the issue and he would book it in for repair. So far, so good. While punching in the details of the machine he said he needed to speak to his manager. When he came back he explained I didn't qualify as my MBP was outwith the 3 year period which the 'quality program covered, I pleaded my case but couldn't argue that the machine wasn't  over 3 years old because it was but that it was still the logic board that died and wasn't happy I was going to be set back to the tune of £400! Spoke to his manager who offered a 50% discount on the repair. I accepted but told them I still wasn't pleased. the machine went in for repair.


    As soon as i returned home i checked this thread which linked to the apple support page, low and behold the support page tells me it will replace any logic board within a 4 year period! So what were the 'genius' and his manager up to?


    I returned today to collect my repaired MBP armed with my info from the support page. "no problem Sir, we will have another look at the case". 15 mins later I was told I was right and the repair would be free.


    Obviously the result was what I wanted from the start but I cant help but wonder how many people wouldn't have argued the case and would have been stung for a full price repair!


    Must do better, Braehead Glasgow!!

  • longmont potion castle Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Fourth try was a success. After using the "warm-up trick" to get the MBP stable enough to boot, I was able to have a Genius run the NVIDIA test. It passed, but he suggested leaving the machine for an overnight ASD. A few days later I get a call that the MBP was repaired and ready for pickup. According to the work authorization my logic board was replaced despite not failing the NVIDIA test as the Genius "still suspect[ed] NVIDIA GPU failure."


    THANK YOU to Genius that helped me on this visit, and the Genius that repaired my machine. NO THANKS to Apple for forcing customers to jump through hoops to get a repair like this covered when even their own Geniuses recognize that it should be.





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    Another one here:


    - no chime

    - blank screen

    - latch light on

    - no USB power

    - keyboard unresponsive


    Had it into an Apple store today and was told because there was no chime that it was not covered. I'm no techie so I was unaware that the GPU was attached to the logic board otherwise I would have insisted it had still caused the LB failure. To no avail, I am sure.


    I am in Canada and I'm interested in hearing of other Canadians who have had luck/no luck with their repair covered. I understand there is a class action suit in the there a Canadian one too?


    One (barely) silver lining is that the LB price has dropped into the $500CAD range but I am still apprehensive about paying $700 (after labour and taxes) for a repair on a machine that is already 3.5 years old.


    If the LB is replaced, does the NVIDIA unit get replaced along with it because they are attached or will I still be stuck with a ticking time bomb?

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