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    From what I know of this issue (and I have the same box as you) the chip on the motherboard is failing. But they usually don't fail intermittently, although I had one that went on and off for a few days before it went completely dark. Apple has a specific test for this problem, and if you are under any warranty, I would go to an Apple shop immediatly. Good luck!

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    Thanks brother. I would if I had an Apple shop... :-( I think I'll try a system restore when it works again. I'm on my own! ;-)

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    same problem here they replaced the board with rev 2 and said the invidia fault was to do packaging and that theyve changed the way they package them now so fingers crossed

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    Hello everyone, I beleive I'm experiencing this issue on my April 2008 15" MBP and I could use some help diagnosing it.


    For the past week or so, my MBP has been acting up on occasion when it went to "sleep." For example, I'd be using my computer, close it for a while, open it back up later, the screen comes back on for ~30 seconds, then blacks out and makes the typical "noise" that it should've made after I opened it the first time. It's like it had a delayed reaction from "waking up" from its "sleep." Hopefully that makes sense. All the while, it's been running quite hot. Fast forward to Friday (3/9) night, I was using my computer, looked away for a moment, and the next thing I know the screen is totally black. The computer was still on and running, etc. but the screen was blacked out. I started looking up this issue and now here I am.


    I had an appointment with the genuis bar earlier today, but unfortunately was unnable to make it due to a prior commitment. My gf went for me, instead. She told the "genius" what was wrong as best she could, and he proceeded to hook my MBP up to an external display; it worked. He said that this meant that the issue isn't with the common NVIDIA 8600 faliure, that it meant that my MBP's "internal display" was the culprit and that it wouls cost me $310... Does this sound correct? Long story short, if the real issue is infact the NVIDIA card, would hooking my MBP up to an external display still work? I just want to make sure that the genius bar isn't trying to screw me out of money unnecesarrily, like they have in the past, if the issue is actually the NVIDIA card, which is of course covered free of charge. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    That sounds about right, if the Nvidia chip has gone south, you would not have any external display, and that's the quick way to check. But Apple has a specific diagnostic test for this problem, however, I have never seen that done in person, but I have had 2 logic boards replaced so far on a 2008 MBP...

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    Definitely a display issue since the computer drives an external monitor, and not the nVidia problem. 


    By the way, $310 fixes up everything.  So, if you have other issues with the MBP, let them know.  Even worn or non-responsive keys.  I had a defective display on a Powerbook, and they replaced pretty much everything except the power button (under Applecare with a week left).  They actually replaced the hard drive although I hadn't asked for that (perhaps after running a test), as that was working OK.  The display on my early 2008 MBP was replaced due to the common bezel cracking issue; the part was listed at $710.  They also ended up replacing the audio board.


    So, consider yourself lucky.  This repair would cost more than $800 in Canada.  The part + installation at an authorized repair place would cost more than that in the US, too.


    Although the new machines are faster, too many people are having overheating issues with them.  So, until that issue is fixed, $310 is a small price to pay for a machine that works.

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    Have my MBP since March 2008.  As of late I experienced the issue were the screen was blank and I had to reboot it. I had received an email about the Video issue.  However, 3 weeks ago, right after the 4 year mark, in the middle of my deployment in Afghanistan my MBP went death with a solid light and no screen.  Tried all recommendations and after a few days, the MBP booted, but again, dies and it boots only at random, and not after any reset at all. 

    I called the Apple care center (Case 304494844), I did not have the best customer service experience to begin with, then I was transferred from one person to another. I brought up the issue related to Article TS 2377, which seems to be the issue as it is indicated in this forum.  Sean the last person I spoke to , politely and vehemently explained that the MBP was out of the 4 year extended warranty on the issue, and that in any case the problem did not seem to be related, that I would have to go to an Apple authorized center and pay to have it repaired.  I was not given any options, nor was he the least concerned that I am in Afghanistan and that the MBP is what I use to communicate with my family.


    I am obviously upset, as I am in the middle of deployment, and being a long time loyal Apple supporter, always expected quality for what I paid for.  Speaking to service members here, they have had similar customer support issues with their Ipads, which is quite a shame given the tremendous follow up they have among military personnel.


    Seems that others have been luckier like fed up w-win and that the warranty has been extended beyond the 4 years.  Anyone else has had such luck too?

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    It seems I'm in the same position. My mid 2007 MBP failed a couple of days ago and at the service told me it was the logic board. It first started with the black screen in the sleeping mode and after it just went dead for good. I checked the forums and the serial key and it fits with the Nvidia issue, but apparently my problem occured a month after the 4 year term expired. Now I have to pay for the repair and I wonder if this will solve the problem permanently or not... as I read that some of you changed the logic board a couple of times and the problem persist.

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    Add me to list... I have just had my 2008 MBP sent in for diagnosis, it has had dodgy video for years and I have been fobbed off by the so called 'Genious's' on a nember of occassions.


    So am I right in thinking that... for the trouble I've had in the last 3 years with my $3000 piece of crap MBP...all that I can expect, at best, is replacement logic board with another faulty chip!??!


    So what happens if the logic board fails again afterthe 90 day repair warranty, am I screwed?


    This will not stand! I am going to refuse the logic board replacement, I will let you guys know how I get on!



    @ Apple, I hope your reading these have an army of dissatisfied customers after you!!!!

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    I had my logic board replaced in my 2008 MBP about mid-way through the year, last year.  I am now having the same issues (black screen when booting), will they replace it again? I know it has been more than 90 days, but it is clearly the same issue. This is getting a little ridiculous.


    It looks like this guy had success with taking Apple to small claims court: s-case-on-nvidia-gpu-failures/

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    Jdizzle, I just got the dead logic board diagnosis on my wife's Feb2008 MBP. I asked the repair guy about the replacement logic board. It will only have a 90 day warranty on it, no AppleCare, and no guarantees the new board will be any better than what you had.


    You'd think with Apple being so successful, they'd want to take care of their (long term) customers and repair a known faulty product.


    For the first time in 20 years, I really have questions about what's going on at Apple.


    Perhaps a news story in the main stream media may help us.

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    So I got my wife to contact the local Apple distributor in Germany, and she got no assurances that Apple would replace the Logic board, but that we would have to fork out 40 euro just to have it diagnosed. Having no faith in Apple based on my experience with their customer service and what I have read here we risked it with a shop  a shop in Berlin that repairs Macs.  Had them check my MBP, and sure enough the fault was the Nvidia video chip which was replaced from a newer 2011 batch that I was assured does not have the defect.  So I am hoping that this is a permanent fix, although the cost was not cheap either, and I doubt I can get a refund, given the story I read that Apple will rather spend more in lawyers than accept they are at fault.

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    Same problem here in Amsterdam this week, but with an additional 'customer satisfaction' trick of the Store.


    MBP 15' purchased Dec07, so out of the extended warranty of 4 years. LB replacement offered in Apple Store at total repair cost of € 460 and it would last at least 7 days to repair. I was ignorant and in bad need of my MBP, so accepted the offer. Once home, I searched the internet to discover all the horror stories.


    Immediately called Apple Support, who confirmed that they only provide a 3 mo warranty on LB replacements even though they know that the new LB contains the same faulty GPU. Customer Support referred me to the Store to cancel my repair order. Store confirmed the cancellation, as they 'only just started the repair'. When I asked them for alternatives to at least recover my HD data, they offered me a 1-2-1 support at an additional € 99 when buying a new MBP/MBA.


    To my surprise, the Store called the same evening at 7.45 pm to advise that the 'repair was finalised' (message on my voicemail). Next day, I called the Store that something probably had gone wrong. They invited me to the shop to discuss and find a solution.


    Once in the shop, two alternatives offered, after the Sales guy spoke extensively with his manager. One was to bring home my MBP 'unrepaired'. Problem would be that it would take some time to remove the new LB and the replaced LB was probably already scrapped. Second alternative was to buy a new MBP/MBA at that moment, and that they would 'settle' the LB repair cost with the bill for the new machine. Not unreasonable of them; a costly repair for free when buying a new (I admit that the first thing to cross my mind was that they need to get rid of the pile of these useless faulty LB's anyway). But I did not want to make another rush decision. So I chose for option 1.


    Some frown on the face of the Sales guy, but off he went...He then returned with my unrepaired MBP seconds later. He uttered something about communciation errors happen when 300 people work together. My thought: communication amongst sales staff is first class....


    My conclusion; Apple Store made me a reasonable offer, but they would benefit most and they did not solve my 'old' MBP issue. I wonder how Apple will treat its customers that each forked out some €2000-€2500 now that the extended 4 yr warranty period has lapsed. Perhaps some more and continued pressure from us might change their mind?

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    I had to log in and share my recent experiences.  My MBP3.1 recently started the "screen freeze" issue.  I saw it coming, as I noticed Safari "flickering" every time I opened a new tab AND - as Murphy would have it - I recently purchased Logic Pro 9 - which will not run on my PPC, so I was down to relying upon the MBP as my Logic 9 machine.  After doing tons of research into the freeze issue, reading all of these threads, watching YouTube after YouTube video and finding the ones that seemed to best relate to my issue were about pulling the logic board, after which all of them turned the logic board over to access the GPU, and then all did some form of heating of the GPU/LB to supposedly get the GPU solder to heat up and allow it to "re-seat" into the LB.  This all made me think to myself, "Apple engineers could not have possibly been foolish enough to disregard two huge facts, could they?!?  1) computers (especially laptops) get hot and 2) if something (ie: GPU) soldered to the underside of a logic board were to heat up enough (and the machine was not being used in outer space) gravity would have an effect on it, maybe even enough so as to cause the GPU to drop out of its socket."


    Well...I hate to say it may be so, may be so, as I am currently writing from aforementioned laptop, clamshell closed, turned upside down and connected to another monitor.  I've been running it this way for nine days now and, gets warm on the bottom (now the top), but everything's fine.


    Bad logic board, bad GPU, bad...blah, blah, blah...  I say, "Bad Design!"  C'mon Apple.  This thing cost me $2500 just a few years ago.  That's A LOT of money over a very short time.  My $1500 personal build is still kickin' serious butt and will for quite some time, 'cause I made sure it would and think Apple should do the same.




    Go on me a crazy Apple bashing miscreant.  I'm a big boy.  I can take it.

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    I'm currently on the phone with Apple, who has confirmed it is a solder issue, within a serious of connections and we're looking into the ability of getting the unit repaired.  Wish me luck.