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    I had mine fixed by a shop in Berlin, at the cost of 280 Euro, and sure enough all that was done was to replace the GPU.  Called Apple, see if I could get refunded on the work. They followed up after reading my previous posts, but all I got was the same crap full of nice "we care, but it is way out of warranty", or "this usually happens within x years, but yours already passed that mark", and the best is "we look on a case by case basis, sorry that we cannot help you".  The excuse was that it was not repaired by an authorized apple dealer. Should I have done so, it would have cost me a lot more and the shop was very skeptical of Apple repairing anything.


    Fact is they had a flawed design and they have been trying to dodge the bullet, screwing along the way a large base of followers that made them come back to the top. 

    BTW it seems that I ticked off Apple by using the word "L4#5ut" as they removed my post earlier, just like they avoided responsibility on repairing my MBP.


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    No dice.  This is insanely my luck anyway.  This computer was purchased in March 2008 and - although the service technician was very courteous and looked into a possible extension, as suggested by the nearest AASP - since we're now two whole, entire months past that, Apple's position - as stated by the service tech - is that "as it has lasted past the four years it's not the GPU issue."  !-0  What?!?  It clearly is the issue.  I'm writing this message on it as described above.  I wonder how long it'll last this way?  Ugh!


    Although some may perceive this as a not necessarily pro Apple rant, it is not.  I'm a huge Apple fan and love their working product.  Not working product, however, is simply worthless and $2500 IMO should last a heckuva lot longer than four years and two months.  My first laptop was purchased in 2000 and the Wife still does all her computing on it.  Unfortunately, it seems 12 years has done very little for quality improvement, control and customer satisfaction in the interest of longevity.

    As a side note, interestingly of my PPC G5's came up with the "bad logic board," "screen freeze" issue last year, however, I still haven't figured out what side to lay it on to get it to work, yet.  Unfortunately, Logic Pro 9 (which is a tremendous DAW application) will not run on it anyway.  Doom and gloom...doom and gloom... 


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    Good Luck, I hope that at least yours gets repaired.

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    I have had a problem on my 2010 Macbook Pro 15".  I loose video and have to reboot.  There is no set pattern.  I visited the Apple Store at Southpark in Charlotte NC.  I had who introduced herself as a Genius in Training and I replied that I already had a Phd in stupidity.  To Spite her lack of expereince, she knew how to test the video on the MLB.  Her trainer  who was looking over her shoulder did not no how to do it!  She ended up showing other experienced "Genuises" how to trouble shoot the video issue.  Of course the big red "Failure"  appaeared.  However, Apple is repairing or rather replacing the failed MLB at no expense.  They were very easy to talk to and extremely professional.  I recomend if you have a Genius help you they may not all know how to test or be aware of this issue that I think is prolific on 2010 Mac Book Pro's.  Ask to talk to someone else and refer them to this board. 

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    just another victim...mine is dead, past the four years deadline from date of purchase!!!

    I was told that I'd have to pay 600$ for a new logic board!!!

    Do you ever hear a car manufacturer tell you that you're past a certain time since the date of purchase and that you have to pay for a recall!!!


    Usually a recall is basically the company telling you; we have made a mistake or f?*&$*&$ up, we are sorry and we will honour our product!!


    Apple is TOTALLY NOT doing exactly that!!!!!!!



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    If you're in the US, your only recourse likely now is the flat rate repair --- $310.  Ask at the Apple Store or call the 800 number (which will send you a free shipping box).  Chances are, they'll find other problems and replace/repair those, too.  If you were having other issues (dead pixels, blotches, keyboard, etc.) let them know that, too.


    Not in the US?  Sorry.


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    That is great news. Do you remember the turnaround time please?

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    Hello all,


    I have the same problem (TS2377) but Apple won't honor a free repair because I purchased it 5 months after the 4 year window.  This is so not right... 


    Some people use the computer more than others.  I never took it out my house (got a new battery for the first time in May 2012...4 years and 4 months after purchasing it!) and never let it fall.


    Hey, Apple:  If this is a defect documented and ackowledged by the company, there shouldn't be any kind of date limitations for repair. Please fix my Mac with no charge!  Please provide further repair extensions!


    Do you know what I am using now?  DELL Inspiron 1100!

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    they had the logic board in and they would of done it in an hour but a thermostat had gone aswell so i had to go back a week later as they had to get the part in!!!!!!

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    Unfortunately my macbook pro 13" died today

    It's 1.5 yrs old and out of warranty


    Initially i faced couple of blinks on my screen and then display went off. Then i had to reboot my machine.

    Next day macbook stopped even booting. When i pressed power button screen remained black, keyboard stopped working. After couple of hard stop/start mac would start.


    But today even that's not happening


    If i power on then i can see sleep LED. Fan starts/stops every few seconds.


    I tried resetting PRAM, SMC etc but no luck. It's a nightmare.


    Anyone faced same problem and able to get past it?


    Please help!

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    Add another to the masses in this colossal failure. The same issue surfaced on my late 2008 MacBook Pro yesterday. Due to slowdowns, I was attempting to rebbot, but upon reboot, the screen was black.It was may back up machine as I've since moved on to a 2010 MacBook Pro which has been pretty disappointing too.


    I sincerely hope the recent downturn in Apple's stock serves as a wake-up call to change business practices and improve quality on issues like this.Clearly, there is a pattern here of these machines failing just beyond four years. I have older PowerBooks that are still perfectly fine other than not being obsolete with regard to newer operating systems and other software. The fact that newer Macs aren't lasting as long is a disturbing trend.

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    I had the same problem, and honestly my macbook remained in the same situation for about 2 years, here is what I had:


    Suddenly my macbook screen went black, could not see anything, even on the external monitor, however, the macbook was working and responsive in all means!


    I searched for a solution but obviously none was effective, I went to the local retail store called iSystem, they did not help me since I live in Jordan, there weren't any Apple Service Store, so the retail store team literally told me to throw it away because it is discontinued!


    Anyway, I did not throw it away, so I search the web for any solution, found many suggestions but nothing solved my issue, these suggestions were:


    - pass a magnet over the right speaker to move the sleep trigger. FAILED

    - clear the pram and enter the target mode. FAILED

    - heat the macbook for a while and everything will be solved. FAILED

    - take it to Apple Service Store. FAILED due to my location.

    - disassemble the macbook and reassemble it carefully. FAILED.

    - connect via VCN and share the screen of the macbook. FAILED.


    After 2 years of struggling, the macbook is finally working, in fact, this reply is posted through the macbook, and the solution was very simple in a way I personally was shocked !!


    The solution was to simply press ( Command + Eject ) twice, hold the POWER, and turn the macbook on again.


    Amazingly everything works perfectly and the screen never went black again !

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    Would like to add.

    The Nvidia Chip is from the 25th week of 2007.

    Despite being registered I got no warning from Apple

    that I will soon have no computer.

    At the Apple Shop no help.

    As I have not much money I ordered this plastic board

    with all this electronics on it. I put it in with help of

    I Fix It. Which is easy.

    The computer worked for 1 week.

    Again no picture.

    This replacement was produced in the 24th week of 2007.

    I suppose all these fail without exception.

    When all stuff would fail within 5 years

    I would have no car, no washing mashine,

    no copier and a lot of more rubbish.

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    What is the exact sequence you used for solving the problem?

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    hi. my MacBook Pro 17 inch Early 2011 (2.2 GHz core i7 ) is running lid closed connected to an external 20" Cinema Display, keyboard and mouse. Normally, the laptop will go to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity, noted by the glowing light on the latch.

    I restarted my MBP last night, and it proceeded to go through the shut down process and restart. The starting chime can be heard, but there was no image on the monitor, just black. I opened the lid to start troubleshooting the issue. Blank screen on the MBP as well. I held the power button down and forced another restart, to no effect. Still a blank screen. I disconnected everything from the MBP and tried again. Still a blank screen. I've reset the PRAM, and also the Power Management setting. Still not working.

    From as best I can tell, the MBP is booting up with no problem, I just have a black screen, so the computer is currently unable to be used in any capacity. I let the computer start up, and run for several minutes. I then sent the keyboard command to log off, and I could hear the computer activity increase.