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I am making a custom book theme (for instance at 8x8 inches) to use mainly for printing layouts. When I design a page template that I want to use multiple times, I have tried saving it "to document master" and "as a new document master". If I delete the book, the 8x8 theme is still saved when I make a new book, but the page template is not. Is there a way to save the page template into the theme without leaving the old book in my Aperture library?

Thanks for any help you can give.

15" MBP
  • courtaroo Level 1 Level 1
    i was making a hard cover book in aperature and i was almost done
    somehow it switched to soft cover
    i lost the flaps in the front and back
    all the pages seem to be ok
    but now i can't get the hard cover back without ruining all the pages
    and it is finished
    i want to order
    ugh any help here