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I have an old Power Mac 5500/225 and cannot get it to boot up. When I turn it on, I get a flashing ? mark. I no longer have the start up disc for it. Does anyone have an idea for me to try? I don't want to put a lot of money in this computer, but would like to retrieve some of the info on the hard drive. I've had the hard drive rebuilt once already. My local Apple store won't even look at it.

Power Mac 5500
  • Jan Hedlund Level 6 (9,715 points)
    The flashing question-mark indicates that the computer is unable to locate a valid system folder.

    You could try to reset the PRAM to begin with. Having the voltage of the internal battery checked could also be a good idea.

    The Disk Tools PPC (here) should work as a startup disk for your Power Macintosh 5500/225. Please note that another Mac (with a floppy drive) and Disk Copy 6.3.3 (the Make a Floppy command in the Utilities menu) will be needed in order to produce a properly sector-copied floppy disk.

    If necessary, it is possible to remove the hard drive and place it in an appropriate external (preferably FireWire, or perhaps USB 2.0) enclosure. This would allow access to the hard drive from a modern Mac.

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    We may be able to make better suggestions about how to proceed if you told us whether you have any other Mac or PC equipment available, and what models.
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    My current computer is an iBook G4.
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    Thanks. I will try these things.
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    iBook G4 usually has a CD or DVD drive, is it a CD burner?
    What version of Mac OS are you running on the iBook g4?
    Do you have a USB diskette drive on the iBook G4?
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    Pirate Queen,

    I see this is an old mac computer, and i would like to help out here.

    Try looking on eBay for Mac System 7.5.3, Mac OS 7.6, Mac OS 8.0 or Mac OS 8.1
    If you have no luck, try these following steps.

    If you have a PC with a Floppy drive (or even a new mac with a usb floppy) Download the following for the floppy.
    System 7.5NAD - Sys 7.5 Network Access floppy - if it does not boot, or you only have a mac that is your one, you will just have to keep searching on ebay for a CD - the versions i am talking come out very rarely on ebay.

    hope this helps

    Dr. Power User
  • Jan Hedlund Level 6 (9,715 points)

    At least according to the Power Macintosh 5500/225 technical specifications (link above), the minimum operating system is 7.5.5 (and a special system enabler). Unfortunately, that means that the 7.5 Network Access Disk download is not going to be adequate in this very case. The 8.1 Disk Tools PPC ought to be OK, though.

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    Disk Tools 8.1 PPC should be easy to find - it might be lurking about on apple's support site!