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Maybe my question is some bit silly but I am also more than perplex at this moment. For storage reasons all my iTunes song files (no purchased songs from iTunes store, but all CD imported) are stored on a server volume.

Syncing my iPhone 3G together on my PowerBook with iTunes works well but ... when I am on travel I would like to play (only to play, not to transfer!) the synced songs from my iPhone on my connected PowerBook on iTunes in order to stream the music to an Apple Airport Express Adapter. I can see the songs greyed out on my iPhone but I can not play them.

Is there something wrong in my iTunes configuration or does I have missed an important "concept"? Do I really need to carry with me my iPhone together with an external HD drive where all songs files are stored on it? In this "application" case the iPod functionality of my iPhone 3G would be really useless. I can belief that.

Thanks for any advice, best regards


iPhone 3G, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 2.1
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    Itunes will sync with only one itunes library at a time (unlike ipod), so when you plug iphone into another library it will not give access to the music.

    You will have to put the music you want on the Powerbook if you want to play it from there while you are away.
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    Thank you for your response. I would like to play the songs on my iPhone on the very same computer, account and iTunes Library I synced my iPhone with. Although there is no play access to the songs on my iPhone from iTunes. I thought I could take them with me and play the songs on my iPhone to the very same computer I synced it with. It Seems not to work as concept? So I think I have to buy a "stupid" docking station to make it complicate.

    Thank you, André