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javalsu Level 1 (0 points)
What the ****, I can't browse the free apps any more???? I can't even view all the new apps, they are all missing. I don't want to waste hours scrolling through all the apps through my iphone to try and detect any new apps. This is ridiculous. Not only that, but there are only 4 pages per category, so if I don't search them on a regular basis, I will miss a bunch of newly released apps.

Is this just a ploy to make users spend more money on paid apps?

Either way, I'm not happy, this was one of the reasons that I got an iPhone. Now apple's just screwing with us.

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  • hexonxonx Level 4 (2,455 points)
    It's been like this all weekend. Relax, Apple is obviously having problems with the store. Hopefully it will be fixed on Monday.
  • Shaun Rosenberg Level 4 (1,335 points)
    I wouldnt be so sure it is having problems...It may be on purpose...that would make it so you have to wade through everything by category...even a manual link to all free apps returns paid and free apps mixed...!!!
  • ctomasino Level 1 (10 points)
    It was interesting for me...I look at the free apps section every couple of days and browse the latest free. I think on Friday there were 47 pages. When I visited on Saturday there were just 24 pages of free apps. Today I went to look and there was no more FREE APPS SECTION.

    Very irritating! And I will never browse everything to find out what new free apps are there. Ploy???
  • David. Level 4 (2,145 points)
    What are u guys smokin'??? I can get to the Top 100 APPS, AND I can do a power search for ALL FREE apps. 2PM, SUnday, PST.
  • DeniK Level 1 (0 points)
    I can't get any applications after Sept 15th and as of a couple days ago I could look at ALL applications and see about 148 pages, now only the first 90 pages. Just looked again and you can't get ALL applications or ALL free applications. I called APPLE and after 2 and a half hours I finally reached someone who tells me there is no other way to contact iTunes than to fill out a form in iTunes and email it to them. They tell you an answer will be forthcoming in 48 hours. Last time I emailed them it took 17 days for an answer.
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    I'm not happy either. After having to jump through this hoop and that hoop to get a member ID here and sign up, I finally found this forum area. I had to find a way to see where I could post my grief, and luckily I am not alone
    Supposedly they are working on something and it will come back when things are fixed, but ..well let's hope so.

    I admit I am addicted to my itouch and I visit the itunes store every day. Now that I cannot see which apps are free, and MORE importantly to me, which ones are only workable to itouch devices (I don't want to purchase something that will only work on an iphone obviously)it is making things even harder to find apps I want! Free or not, it cut things down and helped me to find apps of interest that I would not have thought of looking for in specific areas as they have listed on the sidebar.
    For example there may be something in productivity that I would never have looked there for, and now without the one big category of itouch only section, I have to take even MORE time to search for something of interest.

    Please APPLE, change it back!!
  • whuggy Level 1 (110 points)
    There's a difference between getting a list of the top 100 free apps and a list of the most recently added or updated free apps sorted by date.

    The good thing about getting the list sorted by most recent date is one is able to find new apps that are free for the time being. It's a good way for users to try it out and determine the value. Lots of good paid apps begin as freebies (e.g. Air Sharing). By the time it goes to the top 100 it already has a price.
  • David. Level 4 (2,145 points)
    I STILL don't see what the uproar is all about. WIth powersearch I can search all free apps, and I can search by application type, within free apps.
  • mikeklsr Level 1 (0 points)
    It's not the same!
  • sohogirl Level 1 (115 points)
    You're right, it is NOT the same. There are a few changes going on. You can't comment on apps either from you computer, it says you must purchase the app first and that is even if you have purchased the app. With the sections missing and everytime you purchase an app is says "buy" the app even if it is free. Perhaps, free apps are GOING away! Something is obviously up, only time will tell. Also, there are a lot of apps on sale now too, apps that were $10 are now $5 and even Cro-Mag Rally is now $1.99.99 that is a sale for sure. *I say, Apple is getting ready for the holiday rush!!!!!*


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  • David. Level 4 (2,145 points)
    LOL! When it says "free", it's free! Just click "get app" and you'll get an app at no charge. I just tried it right this minute. works just fine
  • sohogirl Level 1 (115 points)
    I know that, I was commenting on the fact that we NOW get a message referring to purchase. Before, you just clicked the app and it downloaded. Since that app is "free" why does it mention the word "buy". It is just a comment on how things have CHANGED.


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  • Thomas Lanphier Level 1 (0 points)
    My wife and I are upset as well. Listen carefully, fellow posters, it is not that we can't find free apps at all, it is that we used to be able to see all of the free apps sorted for us in one listing, under one clickable link.

    Then Apple started to hide some of the free apps in the regular sections, then Apple hid all of the free apps mixed in the rest of the Apps store. Can we look for them? Sure. Do we have the time or interest to hunt and hunt some more, when *a simple sorting of all the free apps was available? No!*

    We protest making the Apps store harder to use, as much as my wife and I objected to not being able to sort the apps by price. We want the automatic sorting out of all the free apps to be returned, right away!

    Got it? Good.
  • sohogirl Level 1 (115 points)
    LOL. I agree! I really think Apple has something up their sleeve. There may no longer be free apps in the future. They are getting ready for the holiday when people are buying like crazy, this may be the beginning of something. I really did enjoy browsing the "free apps", now I have to hunt and search and it is not fun and there isn't the time. If we think there are no longer free apps will this make us purchase more apps?

    *Again, time will tell what they are up too but I strongly believe this is the beginning of no more free apps!*


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