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Hi there, I am a Canadian living in Taiwan. I recently purchased a slingbox pro to have all the N American tv piped into my living room in Taiwan. However, for a slingbox to be fully useful I need to connect it with a DVR. My friend in Arizona who has my slingbox set up at his house suggested instead of buying a dvr to work with the Slingbox Pro, I should look into using an apple tv unit. I've checked out the info on apple tv on apple.com's website, however I'm still not clear if apple tv records your regular direct tv cable tv shows as a dvr does. And if it does, will it be compatible with the slingbox pro I have set up at my friends house?

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    An ATV can't be used for recording, it can only play content synced or streamed from an iTunes library on the local network or from the online iTunes store content available directly on the ATV. You won't be able to manage an iTunes library remotely using a Slingbox.

    A Slingbox would be more suitable if it were connected to a satellite receiver, cable TV decoder, DVR or terrestrial antenna. Also, you can't record with a Slingbox, so if you don't have a DVR you would only be able to watch live broadcasts.