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Well, I decided to ignore all of the negative posts on the Apple Bluetooth Headset. I'm on my second one in as many weeks. In both cases, the headset worked great for a couple of days. Suddenly, you go to use it and hear nothing but static.

I actually like the physical fit of the device and the automatic pairing and charging indicators are really nice.

Since this has happened to me twice in a row, I am guessing the that AT&T store received a bad lot and I'm suck with another dying ear piece.

That, coupled with the incompatibility with the iPhone 3D dock, and I'm back to the Jawbone.


Sony VAIO, Windows Vista, iPhone 3G w/ 2.1
  • Maziar B Level 1 (30 points)
    that just happened to me as well....worked well the first few days and now suddenly its all static.

    any feedback about a fix?
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    I am on my 4th headset and I just warrantied it through the online support system. They have a pretty good turnaround. For the prices I paid, I'll continue doing this until I get one that works. I had no problems with my 1st Gen iPhone and this only started when I upgraded to a 3G. I'm wondering if something in the 3G causes the speaker to "blow out" in the Apple Headset? 3rd Party headsets work fine (but loose style points).