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I no longer have a "Devices" section listed on the left-hand side of iTunes. My ATV is version 2.1 and my computer is running Windows XP SP3. Everything was running fine until recently, about the time I upgraded to iTunes On the ATV when I try to connect to my iTunes library I am given a 5 digit code, but there is no place for me to input the code in iTunes. The ATV is definitely connected to the network: I can see movie trailers on it, and from my pc I can successfully ping the ATV's IP address. I have already tried uninstalling and re-installing iTunes 8, and also doing a complete Factory Restore on the ATV, and still I see no Devices. As I said it was all working fine until recently and now I'm stumped. This is all getting pretty frustrating as I've already spent a fair amount of time trying to get it to work. I see others have had similar problems but there doesn't seem to be a single solution; for some the factory restore did the trick, but not for me. What else can I try? Is anyone from Apple listening -- is there something wrong with iTunes 8?

homebuilt windows box, Windows XP Pro
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    how are the appletv settings?
    and it's devices settings?
    and maybe it's sharing settings?
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    Thanks, I forgot to add: Under Edit->Preferences->Apple TV, I have "Look for Apple TVs" checked, but nothing appears in the "Apple TVs connected to iTunes" window. On the Sharing tab I have checked both "Look for shared libraries" and "Share my library on my local network". I'm not sure what to look for on the Devices tab, as I don't see anything related to ATV.

    I see mentioned in the tech support sections something about making sure UDP port 5353 (Bonjour) is open on my firewall. I am looking into this now, but I know it had been working until recently with whatever settings my firewall currently has. Also I know that the Bonjour service is indeed running on my computer.
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    I would check look for remote speakers connected with airtunes
    in devices

    also you say adding the appletv thing in pref's
    was not on

    if you factory reset the appletv it would not show up untill you enter the
    type in blabla new 5 diget code from the atv then it should show up
    shortly after in device where you should be able to type in the code

    after that it should show up shortly after itunes start even when suspected
    which my atv is always when i dont use it
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    Hi Rudegar, "Look for remote speakers connected with Air Tunes" on the Devices tab is indeed checked. To be clear, on the Apple TV tab "Look for Apple TVs" is and always has been checked. Before this problem occured, my ATV used to appear in the list above this checkbox; now it does not.

    Maybe I'm missing something but doesn't the ATV have to appear in iTunes in the Devices list before I can type the 5 digit code into iTunes? I don't see anywhere in iTunes I can enter the code now. There is no Devices list any more and no sign of my ATV.
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    Ok just checking as I don't see it fully said.

    You said you have the "Look for Apple TV's" checked so that is good.
    Now next step is on AppleTV tell it to sync up with iTunes (get the code on your screen and leave it open).
    Then you go back to computer and see if it shows. iTunes won't show an unknown AppleTV unless the AppleTV is up and broadcasting that code check.

    Just want to make sure you are trying to find it while the code is up on the AppleTV waiting to find iTunes.
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    also some 3th party firewall or virus scanners "Norton I'm look at you!"
    interfere with many of these things and should be turned off or better yet
    uninstalled :P

    another great way to trouble shoot to make sure the issue is not with the atv but with the network / computer could be

    1. connect the atv directly using a xover eathernet cable
    2. bring the atv to a friend or relatives house and see if it show up there
    3. many people have had to update the firmware of their routers with newer atv updates and or itunes updates that could be a thing to look into as well
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    That did it! I still don't know why my Devices list stopped showing up in the first place. I'm guessing now that the factory restore did solve whatever problem caused that, and that after the restore I just didn't leave up the code long enough to see the ATV turn up in iTunes (though I sure thought I had...) I actually did not know the code has to be up on the ATV in order for the ATV to appear in iTunes. Many thanks, DaVBMan!
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    Samizdat wrote:
    I actually did not know the code has to be up on the ATV in order for the ATV to appear in iTunes. Many thanks, DaVBMan!

    Only when first pairing up the two. Now that it is done, it should just always see it.

    Glad I was able to help.
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    Let's hope so, but if it stops showing up again I at least think I know how to make it appear again (albeit at the cost of resyncing everything, oh well that's why I have it hard-wired with Ethernet.)

    And thanks to you too Rudegar for all your help!
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    I'm having the same problem. In my case, this happens on both a Mac and a PC. I can play through the AppleTV, but I can't see it in the devices pane of my preferences panel.

    Both machines are on the same subnet.

    Any ideas?