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I recently upgraded my iMac G5 to 10.5.5 and iTunes 8. When the first time I synced my iPod Classic after the upgrade, it erased everything on my iPod. Now when I start-up iTunes it works fine, however as soon as I connect my iPod I get the spinning beach ball and iTunes freezes. Sometimes if I leave it connected long enough (at least 15 minutes), it's recognized by iTunes and iTunes asks me to restore the iPod. I have done that, but once the restore is complete iTunes still does not recognize my iPod.

In order to get out of iTunes I need to force quit it. A couple of other things to note. My iMac recognizes and mounts my iPod without any problems, as does Disk Utility. I have performed multiple resets of my iPod, repaired permissions, reset the PRAM and even tried reinstalling iTunes 8.

Apparently a similar problem happened with iTunes 7.7, but I haven't read anything regarding this problem and iTunes 8. Has this happened to anybody else? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


iMac G5, Mac OS X (10.5.5), Ipod Classic 80GB
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    Ali Y.,

    Have you tested this issue in a different Mac OS X user account? To do so, click on the apple (top left), choose System Preferences and then open Accounts. You will probably have to click on the padlock in the lower left and enter your admin password, then click on the "+" symbol to add an account. Once created, just log out of your current account completely (option also under the apple) and then click on the test account to log into it.

    This would be useful in identifying if the issue is with the iPod itself, or maybe file in your original user account that needs to be recreated.

    Hope this helps,