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Almost half of my songs on iTunes will not sync to my iPhone. I have tried singling out the desired MP3s in iTunes in specific playlists, but the iPhone just doesn't sync them to the iPod feature, as if they don't exist. These songs sync without error to my iPod nano and play in iTunes. Most of them weren't purchased from iTunes but are ripped from CDs, some of which sync, but others do not.

Please help, I miss my music.

HP Pavillion, Windows XP
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    Which iTunes encoder option did you use for the import with these songs such as AAC or MP3?

    Half of the songs that weren't purchased from the iTunes store, or none of the songs that weren't purchased from the iTunes Store? If the former, did you use a different encoder option for the import with these songs?

    If you didn't use AAC as the encoder option - which I've always used since this option takes up the least amount of hard drive space for each song compared to MP3 or any of the other options, and my ears can't tell the difference between the same song imported into iTunes using AAC and MP3 with the same settings for each, the iPhone seems to prefer AAC even though a song imported with a different encoder option will transfer to an iPod not counting the iPod Touch.
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    Good advice, however, a new problem has since developed. Rather, a temporary solution to the same issue. A few hours after I posted my question, I attempted to sync again, and by selecting 'Sync All songs and Playlists', it sort of worked. iTunes synced SOME songs to my iPhone, but that's the problem; only some. It only synced songs beginning with the letter T, and as I continued to click Sync proceeding this, it went on to sync all the songs with names beginning with different letters in no particular order, but only one letter at a time (excuse the run-on sentence, this situation is frustrating to say the least.)

    The point being, I was able to sync more of my songs, but not all. It will only recognize songs beginning with a certain random letter, and will only do a few letters every few minutes before stopping any syncing altogether. This seems like a glitch with iTunes or my iPhone, being that it IS syncing, but in a difficult manner. It will obviously take me quite a while to get all of my music from iTunes to my phone, if it decides to finish the alphabet. Hopefully I will get my 'R' music next, those are most of my favorites.

    Once this situation is resolved in the sense that all my music is finally on my iPhone, how can I get this problem fixed so I won't have to deal with it in the future? Please help, and thanks!
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    I have a combination of songs in my iTunes library purchased from the iTunes Store, and from music imported from music CDs. I also have a combination of both available on my iPhone, and I've never experienced the same.

    Have you installed the current iTunes version?

    If so, you may want to consider restoring your iPhone with iTunes.