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Well I've bought an IMAC 24 one week ago as a home computer, I come from and work in Windows long time ago, but wanted to change thanks to the Iphone. So I need your help of you experts.

My situation is:

My wife, Windows XP SP3, HP Photosmart 2575 connected and shared through usb port

ME IMAC, before windows computer XP SP3

Network is based by airport (wifi) with a Wifi Cable modem.

Before with windows I could print with no problems, scan ,etc... through my wife's computer.

Now with my nice brand new iMac, there is no way to use the printer.

So what i've done:

First, I saw in HP web page and here at Apple's that Leopard included the drivers for the HP Photosmart 2570 series and specifically for the 2575. So I went to system preferences -> print & fax -> then Windows -> selected the group name -> then my wife's computer -> ask for user name and password -> and it shows the shared printer named HP2575.

So I thought , ok this is easy, lets look for the driver and we are ready, but for my surprise in the option "Select a driver to use..." there is no driver for HP2575 or HP 2570 series. ?? But in apple's and hp web pages it says that they are built-in in Leopard...

Ok I took my mac os X cd, search for extra hp drivers, installed those, and it didn't installed any HP drivers for the 2570 series or 2575.

So first question where do I find the drivers that supposedly comes with the 10.5 for this printer?

Then, I said to my self, ok let's do it the Windows way. Went to HP, I found a driver for 10.5 for my printer, downloaded it, open the installer and it gave me only to options when it ask for searching the printer, one to be connected directly to my imac usb or by network. Ok I selected network, but it only ask me for the ip address of the printer... hmmm hey HP my printer is a shared printer not connected directly to the network by ethernet. So it didn't work. Thinking in a windows way I decided to connect the printer directly to the usb of my imac, it installed everything perfectly, at my dock I now have two new icons HP Device Manager and HP Photosmart Studio, everything work ok.

For curiosity I went again to system preferences to see the name of the driver, it showed something like AIO HP driver. I disconnected the printer, connected again to my wife's computer, and to my surprise when I search through the network for the shared printer, there is no way to select the HP driver installed previously. In windows world if you installed a driver it shows so you can used that driver, but I see that at least this HP driver only works if the printer is connected directly to the usb or to the network directly.

The easiest way is to change the printer and share it from the mac I guess, but that option is not very compatible with my wife, and she works at home, so she really uses the printer more.

So, someone can help me? where are the drivers apple and HP say that Leopard have for this printer, or how can I make the driver installed with the HP download to work with a shared printer?

I've made a software update, it downloaded the 1.1 drivers for the HP printer, but I didn't saw any driver for the 2570 series or 2575. So my wife is like laughing at me at this moment.

Any help will be really appreciated.

iMac 24" 2.8 2gb, Mac OS X (10.5.5)