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We have one Mac user in OD (10.4.11) that mysteriously keeps getting her shortname changed...to a Windows machine name! The user's name is something like "Jane Smith", and her shortname was originally "smith_jane", all working well.

At some point, her shortname changed to "WINMACHINE1$", the name of a Windows machine bound to the Windows domain (so there's a machine record in OD). At some point it even changed from one Windows machine name to another, "WINMACHINE2$". When her record gets the Windows machine name, the corresponding Computer record in the All Records tab disappears. When her shortname-machine name changed, the original one was back in the Computers list in All Records and the new one was then missing.

Her uid is unaffected.

We're not involved with AD at all...we run pure OD and the Windows service on the same server creates a Windows domain which these Windows machines are bound to.

We're able to correct the problem by changing the user's shortname back to "smith_jane" in the Inspector tab in her record, but a week or so later, the problem happens again.

This doesn't seem to be happening to any other users, just this one person. She never logs into these particular Windows machines...they're in a completely different school.

Any ideas?

Various, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Well that is very puzzling. I would try to isolate this to something the user maybe be doing. I would delete her account, create a new one with a different uid and see what happens. If it continues to happen with a different uid then I would think theres gotta be some manual action thats causing it. If you do create a new record for the user, make sure to assign it to her home and propagate permissions otherwise there will be a uid missmatch.