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Jeremy Travis Level 1 Level 1 (85 points)
As an advocate of recycling and converting PC users to mac I recently gave a friend my old Graphite G4 450 MHz.
It has worked well and he brought a copy of OSX 10.4 when he had to upgrade the OS for his ipod (another mac purchase)
I latter installed a 500 Gig Hard disk in the available bay and transferred itunes files and downloads to the new larger drive.
All was working fine when I left.

My friend who saw me dragging the files over, (when I had left) decided to try and copy the Applications /Library /system files and Users as well. He is not sure what files exactly !

The computer did not like this and gave up.

When He booted the computer he got a lot of UNIX and some commands to reboot.

When he contacted me I talked him through disconnecting the ribbon cable to the new drive. I concluded that the computer might be confused seeing a second lot of system files.
No luck the computer was booting with a single Beep followed by a pause and then a start-up chime chord.

Now it just tries to boot but comes up with a grey screen and the message,
"panic we are hanging here"

The computer will boot from an OSX DVD and can run disk tools which show the original boot hard disc to be OK having run the disc tools but not much else.

When asking the Boot DVD to select the start up system only the DVD install disk in the drive and net-boot appear.

Shutting down and rebooting produces the same "panic we are hanging here" message.
I don't want to wipe his original drive if I can help it. Most of his files were copied over to the new larger HD but I think it has extraneous files that are not needed.

I have thought of taking down a more capable G4 MD and putting his original drive into it and seeing if it will boot but I think the problem might relate to "firmware issues " in the G4

Any ideas about What I can do ?

Almost every mac made and every operating sysyem
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    Do you have a free external Firewire-HD?

    Then connect it to the G4, boot from the 10.4 installation cd/dvd and install a clean system on the external drive.
    After the installation, start from the external drive, now you can view the internal HD and try to sort the files back to the natural arrangement.

    No free external drive?
    Then connect the (turned off) old G4 with a firewire cable to any other (running) mac. Now start the old G4 and hold the "T" on the keyboard to start it up in "Target Disk Mode".
    Now the old G4 acts like an external Firewire-Drive to the other mac and you can sort the files back to the natural arrangement.
  • Texas Mac Man Level 8 Level 8 (46,550 points)
    The G4 is having a kernel panic. Kernel panics are usually caused by a hardware problem – frequently RAM, a USB device or a Firewire device. When trying to troubleshoot problems, disconnect all external devices except your monitor, kbd & mouse. Do you experience the same problems?

    May be a solution on one of these links.

    Mac OS X Kernel Panic FAQ

    Mac OS X Kernel Panic FAQ

    Resolving Kernel Panics

    Avoiding and eliminating Kernel panics

    12-Step Program to Isolate Freezes and/or Kernel Panics

    You need to check if the G4 requires a firmware (Boot ROM version in System Profiler) update. Mac OS X: Available firmware updates
    http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=86117 If an update is required, the update must be installed (using OS 9) BEFORE you install OS X.

    You said you installed a 500GB hard drive. Was only 128GB of the hard drive useable? That's the max for older G4s.

     Cheers, Tom

  • Jeremy Travis Level 1 Level 1 (85 points)
    Thanks Tom,
    Large drives work under OSX 10.4 so no problems their.
    I use large drive in most of my macs and they show the correct volumes after formatting.

    I know about the 128 Gb limit on old macs but on a G4 and using greater than OSX 10.3 and with the right ide select it's not a problem.

    I was worried If I have to reinstall the firmware under OS9
    I would prefer not to ?
  • Bernd Ahlers Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Normally a Kernel panic may caused by a hardware problem, but if his friend had moved the Application folder, the library folder, the System folder and maybe other folders too to the second drive without redirecting them the mac wont start.
    I have had a similar case a few years ago, as a friend of mine means to sort the folders by his own rules.