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i had made lots of folders and backups all over my hard drives and i just imported the full thing into itunes onto a 500 gb hard drive. Now i have 75 Gb of duplicates, ( in view show duplicates )

can i remove duplicates in one click or do i have to check them one by one and delete them individually
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    Removing duplicate reliably and automatically is tricky.

    Robert Jacobson has a script called itunesremoveduplicates at:

    You might want to check this out, but you need to be sure you have a good backup in case you don't like the result. You can look at the script to get an idea what it does if you understand that kind of thing.

    P.S. You haven't given you operating system, the above applies to Windows. If you have a Mac you may find something useful at;

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    sorry for not understanding but i downloaded the itunes remove duplicates exe file and got a winzip file called .......teridonsitunesscripts

    I dont know what to do next - i have made a test playlist of about 100 songs which contain 25 duplicates and would like to run this file on that playlist - or any other way which you suggest
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    ok - i went a bit further - i clicked on teridonsitunesscripts,

    went inside the winzip file and clicked on the big application file called teridonsitunesscripts.exe

    and then saw a window with a gear icon with a list of many files, selected the itunes remove duplicates

    then i got a msdos window which numbered all the playlistrs and asked me to give the playlist number - ( and i actually have made a test playlist ) But i have 370 playlists and i can only see the numbers of playlist no 347 to 370. How do i scoll upwards ?
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    YIPEE - I seem to have got it

    but one question - i actually copied and pasted to the playlist at the bottom number 370, so i still dont know how to scroll up

    and another observation - is this not a faster way -
    (1) assume my entire library consists of 5000 songs, 1000 files are not there and 1000 are duplicates - that means i have 3000 songs.

    (2) Now suppose i were to go to library highlight everything and drag to a playlist - i would get the answer - skip duplicates. And i observe that the non file songs are not included anyway.

    (3 ) Now i have a playlist containing 3000 songs - i go to get info and flag all there 3000 siongs with 'aaaaa' in comments.

    ( 4 ) Then i open library again and just remove anything which does not contain aaaaa.

    Is that ok ? Or can there be a problem ?
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    I haven't run the duplicate eliminator script myself - only the dead track eliminator.

    The way these scripts usually work is you select a playlist and the operation is applied to that playlist. Playlist 1. being the entire library.

    If you want more specific help with the scripts, Robert Jacobson is often about on this forum so a new topic with Tridon scripts or Robert Jacobson in the title would attract his attention alternatively if you look at the Teridon web bage you will see a link to a discussion group for the scripts.