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My iTunes library was completely cleared when i opened it up today. All my playlists were completely gone and nothing was left. But in my music folders on my computer i saw all my music. I had not updated my iTunes program in awhile so i just downloaded the newest edition. If my iTunes dont show up on there what can i do? I had a very extensive collection and over a $100 in purchases. I dont want to lose all my music. Though it is stored somewhere on my computer. How can i get all my music back to where it was before on iTunes?

Windows Vista
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    Find the files on the computer and drag them into the open iTunes window. This will not restore playlists.

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    I had the exact thing happen about 2 months ago, I logged into itunes one day and everything was gone. I had over 2,000 songs I'd imported from CDs, some of which I do not have the CDs anymore b/c they've been damaged or stolen from me, and I also had over $200 or $300 in purchased music from itunes ALL GONE!!
    I searched my entire hard drive on my computer and reported a problem in my itunes account, since it still showed that I had purchased the songs, I had to click "Report a Problem" three times already and nothing has been done at all.
    All of the songs that I'd imported are no where on my computer, I searched every single way I could for about two weeks straight and got nothing.
    It's pretty much like I've lost every song I've ever bought from itunes and that I've put on my PC, which is a TON of money that I've lost.
    I still haven't figured out what the problem was and have gotten absolutely no response from my "report a Problem" request on itunes.
    I'm wondering if I'm just pretty much screwed and out of luck, I really don't have that kind of money to replace a music library that I've been working on for about 6 years (give or take), and I certainly don't have the money to buy all the songs that I purchased from itunes all over again.
    If anyone can tell me why this happened and how it can be resolved without me having to spend all that money all over again to fix it I would greatly appreciate it. Also, the songs ARE NOT on my hard drive b/c my itunes icon had dissapeared and along with it the itunes music folder which is where all the songs were, I did search all through my computer files to try and find even a hint of where the itunes folder might be and it hasn't helped, just made me become more aggitated.
    I haven't even plugged my ipod up to my PC in over a month b/c I'm scared that the remaining songs that I have left on it will be deleted as soon as I plug it up.
    I have an ipod shuffle by the way, my gf just got an 8GB iPod Nano for christmas and she was unsure of whether to plug hers up but she tried anyway since there weren't any songs on her ipod anyway and since she started buying new songs and importing some of her CDs the songs she's added are the only ones on the PC.
    Is there any way I can get MY stuff back at all????
    Thanks in advance for any help!