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I'm connecting to my Mac from my Linux machine via VNC. I've enabled screen sharing as well as clicked the box to enable VNC clients to connect. And in doing so, my connection works nicely.

However, copy and paste functionality between the two hosts does NOT work. In fact, whenever the client attempts to send the cut buffer or selection buffer to my Mac, the screen sharing session freezes and I have to close the client and re-connect.

I've tried this with a number of vnc clients available for the linux platform and they all exhibit the same behavior. I've also installed the VNC Vine server on my Mac and connected to it using my linux vnc client and this has no problems with copy and paste. So, I think w/o question - the problem lies within the Screen Sharing application.

Does anyone have this working? Or, has anyone seen similar behavior?

Environment Info:
Mac: OS X v. 10.5.5, Build 9F33



MBP, Mac OS X (10.5.5)