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I receive error 2131 when attempting to burn a cd.

Toshiba, Windows Vista
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    I have a big reply so hang on. Today I went through all the posts regarding the 2131 ERROR that I also was receiving and finally got with Dell. I did the CHAT thing with them. I told the guy about the ERROR2131 and he tried to pawn it off on iTunes. I then told him "NO" and that I spoke with a gentleman from PC WORLD magazine and he told me that this problem is specifically with the TSSTcorp drives and that he told me chat with Dell and then get back with him. The Dell tech then asked me if it was OK to upgrade the firmware to my drive while controling my PC. I said yes. (I already tried to do this and it didn't work.) I sat and watched the tech control my pc and do exactly what I tried to do and, guess what, it didn't work for him either! At that time he told me that this particular problem is "unigue to the Toshiba brand DVD drives" and "to satisfy my problem Dell will send me a new DVD drive in 2 to 3 days." Problem solved with me! I have actually burned hundreds of CDs using iTunes up until I installed the latest upgrade of it just 3 days ago. That being said, there is something about the newest version of iTunes that doesn't "jive" with the TSSTcorp DVD drives. Also, I have to send Dell the drive that I'm replacing at their cost. I opted to put it in myself but Dell would have sent a tech out to my house to do it if I wanted. My drive I'm replacing is the TSSTcorp DVD+RW TS-H653B ATA Drive on a PC running Vista that is 9 months old.
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    i have the same problem. my laptop is literally 2 months old with a TSST dive, suprise suprise, i say that this is an apple problem and that they must sort it out with an update or patch or something. either that or apple have get hold of tsst and get millions of drives changed world wide. i bet that maybe 10 % of people with this problem actually post online or even bother about sorting it out. if it was a fault with the drive then why can we all burn discs through other apps? any answers apple?
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    I have, what I think is called a "clone" ?
    a computer not assembled by a major corporation but by a local tech.
    there is nothing wrong with my drive, it works perfectly for every function except this one....

    how would I find an update to get around this error?
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    I have a Gateway with a TSST TS-632H drive and it it giving me the error 2131 when burning in itunes, BUT I can burn fine using windows explorer. People have put firmware info for Dell and Toshiba - how about Gateway or just straight from TSST would be best cuz then it would fit all.
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    My daughter and her Gateway computer are back to college... but I just found this blog that has a possible test idea if someone is interested.... read the thread and at the end the person clarifies he installed Burrn like the guy above suggested. Apparently it changes the burning interface that iTunes uses and works.


    It is available here without the bandwith problem on the burrrn.net site:
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    Somebody help me, I see that a load of you guys have problems with 2131 error on your dell and tosh's but i am having the same problem on my Samsung, can anyone help ??
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    Hi, I had the same problem with iTunes and a TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-L632H ATA device, but I "solved" it just trying different types of CDs - and voilà, with a rewritable SONY CD (cd-rw) and low burning speed (1x - 4x) it worked perfectly. However, with a SONY CD which was only once recordable I experienced again the 2131-error. Yet I do not know if it also works with rewritable CDs of other manufacturers...

    Best regards, Kai
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    IS there a firmware upgrade for an EI Systems 1201 laptop with this CD/DVD drive? I get the same problem.