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I have always been really careful with my phone just like any other gadget. Today the chrome top of my silent switch broke off when I switched it to silent. I have made a genius bar appointment for saturday at the local apple store and I hope that they will replace it. I paid $300 for this freakin' phone and I want it to work how it's supposed to. I have a light leak on the left side of the phone between the bezel and the glass and now the silent switch. They had better replace my phone or else I'm gunna raise the biggest scene they've ever seen anyone make if they say that they won't replace it. Yes I know that it's not the Genius' fault but the phone is under warranty and I've had it for a month and a half, I can see if I had dropped it or if it was a year old or somethin but after a month? Let me just say if you're an Apple Genius in St. Louis be ready to replace a black 16GB saturday. So what do you guys think, will they replace it, am I right to get upset if they won't. Please weigh in here.

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    Why do people come here and get their pants all in a bunch, before they even meet with the Genius Bar?

    Here this, THEY WILL REPLACE YOUR PHONE. For the broken switch and even the light leakage. No questions asked Okay? So relax, and go take a walk or something.
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    Maybe you should save you aggravation until you actually have a problem getting your iphone replaced.

    I have heard about many, many people on these forums who have had their iphone replaced quickly and easily at the Genius Bar.

    No need to get all worked up before you even go the Apple Store.
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    Well yea I guess I got a little worked up. I guess cause it's apple I just expected it all to "just work" ya know? I woulda expected it from microsoft but not apple. And back on topic, the replacement went fine, walked in at my appointment, they looked at the phone for a couple seconds, wrote down my serial, and went in the back to get another one. It was all downhill after that. The first phone they pulled out refused to get 3G on 2.0.2 or 2.1, another swap. Next one refused to update, they tried several times to update it to 2.1 and it wouldn't. Final swap, updated in 10 minutes, activated in under 2 minutes. All is well, silent switch is much better, a lot smoother, much like the switch on my old first gen. Also there is no light leak. Overall I was pretty dissatisfied that it took THREE!! swaps to get one that worked as it should. If that doesnt say something about quality control nothing does. Although there was one genius that went way out of her way to try to make me as happy as possible, and she truly deserves a raise or promotion or something if she treats every customer like that. Final message: if you have a problem, go to the store, they will probably replace it, even if it takes severals swaps to get one that works.