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I am new to this and would really appreciate some help. I just bought an HD video camera (Sony CX-12) and want to save the video (AVCHD format) to my Mac. My challenge is, once saved, how to get it to play on my TV (in another room). I also have time capsule. I know I can use Apple TV, but that won't give me the HD quality. I have also heard PS3 would work well. Because I am not that technologically savvy, any solution would have to be relatively simple. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi 5kidjohnny,
    Welcome to the Apple Discussion Forums!

    There are a number of ways to play the video file on your computer and have the display show up on your TV.

    First off, what kind of Mac computer do you have? Second, do you have a PS3? Third, does your TV have the video input jacks (the yellow/red/white plugs) either in the front, side or back of it? Fourth, does either your computer or TV have an S-video jack?

    You of course can also hook up your Sony camera directly to the TV and play the recording on the TV without going thru the computer.

    To hook the computer up to the TV may require additional cables, depending upon what you already have around. These cables are pretty cheap.

    Post back with answers and we can help you further.


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    Thx for your quick response Ed. Here are the answers to your questions: my iMac is less than 1 year old. I believe its 2.33Ghz, 2 GB RAM. I don't currently own a PS3 but others have recommended I get one as a media entender. Yes my TV (Pioneer 50" HD)has the in video input jacks. I believe the TV also has an s-video jack but I can't recall. Not sure about the iMac. I am aware that I can hook up the camera to the TV, but because its a flash camcorder, I'd have to download video from my Mac where its stored, back onto a memory card, and then hook it up to the TV. Looking for a simpler solution. Also, for clarity, I'm not really looking to hook up the computer to the TV with wires, as they are in seperate rooms. What I was hoping for was a wireless streaming solution. I hope this info ads clarity, and thx again for your help.
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    Yes, your answers help in narrowing down the range of options.

    As for wireless solutions, there are several to choose from.


    I'm not familiar with the PS3, but if it has a wireless card in it that allows wireless access to the machine, that would indeed be a way to go. Check the software that comes w/the PS3 to see if it's compatible w/Lepoard or Tiger (check your OSX version -if it's 10.5.x it's Lepoard, if 10.4.x it's Tiger)

    Other options include the AppleTV and other devices. Check this link for a list of other devices (under the forum heading "General Discussion about UPNP/DNLA and other TV connected devices".


    To manage the files you'll need a media manager. Each device above will have their own in-house software which may or may not suit your setup. I have a Phillips Media Manager SL300i and instead of using the Phillips software, I use TwonkyVision. TwonkyVision is one of a number of third-party media manager programs that will work with a variety of devices. Once installed on your computer, you can sit in front of the TV and play the file you want from the GUI displayed on the TV from the attached device that connects to your computer wirelessly and away you go!

    Here are a few links to get you started:



    Here is a general article on setting up a Home Media Center on the Mac you may find interesting.

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    Sorry for the delayed response - been out of play for a few days. Thanks again for all your help with this Ed. I will try out some of your suggestions and see what works. Any other suggestions are still very welcome.
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    hey there Skidjohnny,
    have a look around here: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/forumdisplay.php?f=115

    this is the Mac HTPC forum @ AVS. this would also be a good place to post your question.

    good luck.
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    Thanks Donna. Great suggestion.