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Undoubtedly I must be a complete moron. This is a common problem and I have read it before, but I can't find the answer. I have been searching for the last hour. It's so common that no one responds.

Here's my issue...I just accepted the automatic upgrade to 8.0.1 and it can't located my original files...I know I know that this is common but I'm losing my mind on this. Even though a get info shows that it is pointing right to the file on my external hard drive (like it has for the last year), it still wants me to locate it manually (Yo Apple...put in a way to do this on multiple files). I tried replacing the library with a previous library to no avail. I don't want to rebuild mine, my kids, and my wife's playlists. It would take hours even days.

Is there a standard thread to point help me with this?

MacBook Pro and Mac Mini 2Ghz, Mac OS X (10.5.2), 2Tb WD Firewire, (4) 500Gb RAID = 2Tb Backup
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    i had (8.0.0) and have (8.0.1) the same issue with the same songs. 'get info' points to the file, but doesn't show the format of the file. i'm quickly losing patience with this. i may give up on itunes and switch back to realplayer (which still works on all files). just a temporary suggestion until (if?) apple comes up with something that works properly.
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    Same thing has happened here at my house! Please provide insight how to locate files and playlists
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    I also lost my library after downloading the 8.0 i-tunes upgrade. I can't find about 500 songs.

    It would be such a shame that Apple might have took upon itself to eliminate from its i-tune subscriber's library any song it didn't sell to them. But, that's what it looks like to me. I can still fetch these songs, but to do so makes for me an irritatingly redundant task. And, for the third time- Aggh. Older users might recall the trip from OS9 to X. That glorious I-tune library just disappeared at that change.
    Somehow, I think I'm fortunate for not purchasing 10.5!

    rcnkc 5 Oct, 2008
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    Hi, Fans, yes, I have nearly the same problem. I installed the automatic up-date including iTunes 8.0
    After that hundreds of mp3-files where lost in space from my external hard-disk. And we talk about my holy CD-collection, I converted and sold before I moved from Germany to Norway. I can´t believe that. I asked some guys in the Community but all they can say is: try to recover from back-up. Great. I have tried that but now I have the chaos – thousands of doubles, which I can seperate manually. The only chance I see ist to try to buy data rescue or something equal. I´m so bugged!!! Don´t know what to do.

    "...Apple might have took upon itself to eliminate from its i-tune subscriber's library any song it didn't sell to them..."

    I guess, you´re right!

    Rgds. Frank

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    Wow - you and Oliver Stone would get along just fine, the way you jump to your conspiracy theory so fast . iTunes 8.01 updated the library file as did iTunes 8. If you look inside your iTunes folder you should see a folder labeled *Previous iTunes LIbraries* and when a new version of iTunes brings changes to the library structure a backup of the old library is made before iTunes does the update. The reason Apple puts those old libraries there is because things can go wrong.

    Possible fix 1) Under the File menu there's an Add to Library option. Select this and iTunes will add the missing songs to your iTunes library. The downside is that these will be treated like new songs so you'll lose ratings, play count, etc.

    Possible fix 2) Quit iTunes. Open the *Previous iTunes LIbraries* and choose the original iTunes 7 library (you'll have to do it by the date in the file name). Copy it to the desktop and delete the date (and extra space) and then copy it to the iTunes folder. If you don't get the message that a newer file with the same name exists you didn't get the extra space at the end. Now start up iTunes and it will update the old iTunes 7 library again. Maybe this time it won't kill off songs. (Or maybe it will.)
  • scapelwan Level 1 (0 points)
    ITUNES TECH SUPPORT CALL Case # 107479088
    Sept. 30, 2008
    I couldn’t get the Itunes to find the folder.
    The message stated that Itunes cannot be found or created and is required. The default location for this folder is in the My Music folder.

    I held the “SHIFT” key down as I clicked on the Itunes shortcut and it gave me a choice of finding the folder or creating a new one.
    We tried some things, but to re-install one has to remove not only itunes, but also “Apple Mobile Device Support, the Apple Software update and Quick Time”,
    Re-installing Itunes 8 will re-insert these.
    Go to itunes website and download or use the execution file in the downloads folder.
    Reboot the computer after install.
    I had Quick time pro and there was a number there that I didn’t get. When we re-installed quick time I think It took out the Pro. Everything worked fine except:
    Message received after installing recommended update Itunes on Oct. 5, 2008
    I had a screen shot, but it didn's come out. It says:#### #### was not copied to the ipod Joe Reynolds's Ipod because it could not be found.
    Will this cause me trouble?
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    I went back to Itunes and got the message that Ipod sync was complete. Does that mean it found the the information?
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    If you read my first post, you'd see that I tried to restore the previous library. No success. It updates the .xml file, and if you do a get info on the song, it shows that it is pointing to the external drive and folder of exactly where the song resides. double click on it and it "can't locate the yada yada..."

    I don't see I have much choice but to delete the library files and rebuild. I'm going to try and export my families playlists, but this really *****. I have wasted about 4 hours now looking for a fix.

    I'll see if anyone posts by this afternoon, but then I don't see I have any choice.
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    Sorry - got sidetracked by the arrival of the insurance adjuster. Ike damage may get fixed before the first snow! I left out the last possible options besides a total rebuild and loss of metadata. Depending on how many files aren't being found, it might be worth exporting the database as an XML file and editing the LOCATION field of the missing files. If it is a few albums that are affected, a copy and replace using a text editor can fix the problem.

    The second option is probably only worth trying if you are using TimeMachine or have a bootable backup with the old iTunes 7 still installed. Otherwise you'd have to revert to iTunes 7 which may not be easy manually. Sometimes reverting to an older version of iTunes is quite unpleasant. Anyway, revert to iTunes 7 and export your entire library and each playlist as an XML file. Return to iTunes 8.01 and start it with no library in the iTunes folder so it starts up blank. Now import the music library and see if your 'missing' music is found. If so, go ahead and import your playlists too.

    The more interesting question is why the fouled import? I'd feedback Apple ( with an offer to send your library for troubleshooting. Since it doesn't seem to be a widespread problem either your library file picked up something bad along the way or you are using some character or combination of characters in a volume, directory or filename that is causing the trouble.
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    I'm sorry that you had so much trouble with Ike. I went through Erin, Opal, Danny, and Ivan when I lived in Pensacola, FL, so I can relate. Hang in there, it gets better.

    This wasn't as painful as I thought it would be, but here's what I did to solve it:

    1) I exported each of my playlists
    2) I deleted all my songs in my Library, BUT I KEPT THE FILES. I had a Time Machine backup just in case of a problem or my screw-up.
    3) I rebuilt the Library by doing an Add to Library and repointed it to my external hard drive's Music Folder
    4) Once it was rebuilt, I imported my playlists back in.

    My kids are gone right now, so I can't verify that everything will sync to their iPod's just yet, but it looks good right now.

    This took me about 2 hours to rebuild, which was 2 hours shorter than all the searching I did trying to find a cleaner way of doing this.

    Thanks everyone who responded...hope this helps you.
  • dwb Level 7 (22,240 points)
    So did exporting/importing your playlists preserve your play count etc? I know it does for the entire library but I've never tried importing a playlist over empty metadata.

    Believe it or not, my Ike damage came only in the form of 70-85 mile winds - - in Ohio! No rain, I just thought I'd see Toto, Dorothy, and the Wizard at any moment . Peeled the top layer of shingles off the house leaving the original layer virtually intact. I'm glad I decided to have the roofer leave the original shingles on the house when we put the new roof on five years ago.
  • Sterling Garwood Level 1 (15 points)
    Me TOO!!!
    ITunes couldn't see any of my music after upgrade.
    I keep my music lib (~10,000 tracks) on a mirrored firewire set. After 8.0.1. I had to "Add To Library" .. after setting "Don't Copy To Library when Adding" ... what a crock.
    Open source MP3 players are looking better and better ...
  • Craig Cole Level 1 (5 points)
    It didn't preserve the play counts, but the play count wasn't important to me. The star ratings were however, are important to me. So before I erased the library, I created playlists "1Star", "2Star" etc and put the songs into the playlist. For some reason, iTunes wouldn't let me drag the songs which I highlighted to each playlist (I guess because it didn't know where they were) but I could ctrl click on the highlighted songs and add them to the playlist that way. Once I had the songs in playlists according to there star rating, I deleted the songs in the library, and followed the directions above. I could then import the star playlists, go into each playlist, highlight all the songs in each playlist and give them back the correct star rating.
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    I have lost my library and can not restore any of the previous songs except what I downloaded right after the upgrade to 8. Is there an actual real live person any one knows of that I can talk to. I have mucho $$ invested in these libararys and this is getting very frustrating.

    I have been trying to fix this for hours...

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