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Hi All,

I have a printer HP ML1005 installed on my Mac. Printing is fine for all office applications and other applications as well *EXCEPT for PDF file*.

Before I can print a PDF file on this printer, but now for no reason I can't print - it stuck or just stay in queue.

I have reset the printing system, but NO lack.

Any idea what cause the problem?



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.5), Intel Core 2
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    Hello Arnel and welcome to the Apple Forums.

    I would like to ask you for more information about pdf printing. Do you use the built-in PDF printing (such as you press the PDF button on the print dialog) or do you have Adobe Acrobat or some other PDF application installed? Given that a reset printing system did not work then I am assuming you are using a 3rd party PDF application. But if you can confirm that would help.

    Continuing with my assumption that you are a 3rd party PDF maker, since you mention the job being held in the print queue, it would be helpful to see the cups error log. This can indicate which file is stopping the spooler.

    You can access the cups error log via the Console application, which is located in Applications > Utilities. With Console open, click the Logs icon which should make a list appear in the left pane. Expand the /var/log entry (by clicking on the triangle next to it) and then expand the entry cups. Under here you will see error_log. Select this and look through the list. Your jobs to the PDF maker should be shown with an error. If you can copy and paste back here that would also be helpful.


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    Yes, I am using a third party software Adobe Acrobat Professional 6.
    Sorry for replying late.
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    Thank you for the reply Arnel.

    Are you able to provide a copy of the cups error log. If you try to print to PDF again, so that it errors, and then copy the last 10 entries of the log, we should see what is causing the problem.

    I think you may have to delete the Acrobat printer queue and uninstall Acrobat Pro 6. I don't have it installed on my MBP here at home ( I use the builtin PDF function) so I cannot confirm what other files are associated with the application, but there could be more to resolving this problem than just reinstalling the application.