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What is the difference between the two, if comparing both models with 120 gig capacity? I'm having a hard time trying to figure out which one I should purchase

Windows XP
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    The previous Classic was available in 80 and 160 GB models in black and silver, the latest is 120Gb in Black (Charcoal) and Silver.

    Software wise there doesn't appear to be any difference. THe black of the older 80 & 160 is black black, the newer one is a lighter charcoal black.

    It looks unlikely Apple will go beyond the 160GB for the foreseeable future, since they have removed it from their product line up, so if you need a larger storage, as I did for my entire Apple Lossless library, grab yourself a 160 GB while there are still some out there (at reduced prices). If you don't grab a new 120 GB model
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    so, both bug wise and software wise the 5.5 gen and 6 gen are the same?

    no new controls or addons, what changed?

    i do like the black black of the 5.5 gen, that has the 160 gig hd right?
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    it looks as if the 6 gen is very buggy still :0! i just checked it on wikipedia and the 6th gen is the way to go storage wise, *I didnt know the 5.5 gen had a plastic cover vs a metal cover* but it is relatively buggy???