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I have a Vaio PC running Win XP connected to a Westfall 7500 wireless router and a HP PSC 1610 printer which is connected directly to the PC. In March 2008 I added a new MacBook (with Lepoard OS) to my home network.

Initially I was successful as the Mac connected to the network and I was able to share files and print wirelessly from the Mac. No problems.

After a few months the Mac lost ability to print wirelessly. I had made no changes to the system. None. I have read many messaage treads. I am familiar with the setting up new printers in "Print and Fax" in "System Preferences". I did verify that the Mac was able to print to the HP using a wired connection. I am not using a print server. The Mac does "see" by network name when I try to add the printer thru "Printers and Fax", but the printer name never appears. I am using "WORKGROUP" was my network name as this was suggested in a Post I read somewhere. Nothing I have read or tried will help or answer the question of why something that was working fine at first - stopped working.

I am mystified, but I am convinced there is a simple explaination.

I have also tried the following:
1. System Preferences\Network and then click the "Advanced" button.
2. Click the WINS tab
3. Add "WORKGROUP" in the WINS window (this matches the network name in my PC.
4. Add the I.P. address for your PC on the next line (this was my PC IP address as I am not using print server).
5. Click the OK button and then the Apply button back on the main Network page

I should have now been able to print wirelessly to my XP machine's attached printers, but it did not work.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.4), Windows PC