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I have a 16GB iTouch. The home button on it is 'loose/wiggles' slightly. Should I return it to get a new one, or are most of them similar to this?
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    Hi baseballlover81,

    It's somehow difficult to see if there's really a problem with your iPod's home button. Normally, it should be slight "loose". However, if you have time, you should visit the store where you bought it and ask them!

    Sorry not being so helpful, but that's everything I can do for you today!
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    I honestly think they all do it. I notice it on mine and the square is sometimes turned a bit and I can always turn it back. It always stops at a certain point. I think it is just designed that way. I wouldn't just take it to the store yet. Instead, I would visit there and take a look at all the display models and see if they do it. If they do, then you know you are good. If the majority of them are solid and don't move, then it's up to you what you want to do. Either way, please let me know your findings if you do this. Thanks.
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    Check out these photos of the iPod touch 2nd gen disassembled (by iFixit.com).

    It clearly shows that the home button is actually a moving part of the front frame. Then, when you look at the inside exposed, there is a tiny square, gold colored stem which appears to be the home button. So it looks as if the plastic part on the frame just pushes down on the stem to activate the home button. I would assume that it must have some play as most buttons designed this way would. The only way it would be perfectly solid and not move is if the plastic part of the button was stuck to the stem by adhesive, which this is clearly not the case. I believe they all do this and most people just don't notice it.
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    hye thanks for your post (aswell as the other) I went to a BestBuy here in PR (there are no individual Apple stores here) and went to the "Apple 'Store 'section" the great majority had slight movement, and a couple were just about the same as mine. Thanks for the info and the suggestions