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#1. I moved my music to an external hard drive so I can conserve hard drive space on my notebook computer (my only computer). I'm not sure whether I moved it properly, but it all shows up there. (Since then, I've added a few tunes to my internal drive, which I'll move when the quantity builds up.) Now I don't know how to sync my second generation iPod Shuffle to the external drive. Do I need to install iTunes on the external drive? I don't have a clue where to even start. When I launch iTunes, all I see are the few new tunes. My external HD shows up as drive F; my iPod shows up as drive E--no conflict.

#2. I also have some tracks (a much smaller library) that I keep on my notebook computer for my father, who has an iPod Touch. I'd like to be able to sync his iPod with my computer without having to take my hard drive to his house. Is that possible?


Dell Inspiron 9100, Windows XP, 2nd gen iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch 32 GB, Iomega HDD Desktop 320GB (FireWire 400/800/USB 2.0)
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    You are going to have to import the files on your external drive into iTunes. Drag and drop them in the iTunes window. As for the files for your father, make a separate playlist in iTunes for him, and sync his iPod touch to that. Just make sure those songs reside on your laptop, otherwise, you will have to bring the external drive as well. iTunes doesn't care where you store your files, it just needs to know where they are. Also, make sure the option to copy imports into the iTunes folder is disabled in iTunes preferences, so you don't start filling up your laptop again!