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My connection speed is fine, if a little bit slow at times, but the buffering speed (like for watching a youtube video or whatnot) is extremely slow. Any way that I can give this a boost without simply upgrading my connection speed?
This actually started the last time I upgraded, (a few weeks ago) and I've been clumsily troubleshooting ever since to get it to actually work. Suggestions for improving buffer speeds or any ideas on what might have happened on my last upgrade would be much appreciated; I'm getting pretty tired of having to wait half an hour for a 3-minute youtube video to load. Thanks.
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    Hi Shelby,

    I haven't an answer but I wanted to add to your thread to move it up the line. I have a shiny new 24" iMac and it has serious lag even downloading and playing Saint Steve's' Keynote address. C'mon techno people! What's going on? I didn't have this problem 3 months ago but now - all video, keynote addresses, frontrow, trailers, whatever are poor, stuttering and run for three seconds before hanging for a minute or so. Any help appreciated!

    DK GKA
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    I've solved this issue at last, at least for myself-- apparently something was wrong with the wiring. I wasn't the one who actually went through and fixed everything, so I couldn't tell you exactly what, but it involved the cables we had going outside, through the attic, and through the house etc etc. Hope you can solve your problem soon, too-- and maybe you should check out your wiring to make sure everything's ok back there. If all else fails just call your internet provider and whine at them until they finally find a way to help you fix it; that seemed to work pretty well for me
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    Yeah, nevermind, it's busted again. After fixing the wiring we had great service for about two weeks, then it went back to being terrible. I don't really think the problem's with my mac, though. I just updated to qwest fiber optics, and for some reason it's just... terrible.

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