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I tried sending an email with a large .PDF file attached on my ".Mac" account. The file was sending very slowly on my network (Roadrunner high speed) and I cancelled the action. Since then, my incoming and outgoing mail are not working correct from .Mac on my Mail app.

I checked my html version of .Mac and I am sending and receiving fine, as well as on my Iphone. It is only on Mail on my Macbook.

The incoming account icon shows the progress clock stopping at 1 o'clock and not spinning to show it searching for the connection. Sending an outgoing message with little information shows it sending at 45 .kbs/second and the progress bar at half way, but just stays there.

Sometimes an error message pops up stating an SSL Connection error. In my perferences/advanced folder I have my SSL port at 993 and set to password, which is typed in correctly. The header to the error reads: "Some actions taken while the account “.Mac” was offline could not be completed online." Seems like the SSL port is timing out.

I have checked the connection doctor and all connections are green and registering.

Any ideas or solutions would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.5)