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How do I uninstall a printer driver in OS X v. 10.5?

Here are the details of my situation. I am trying to print to a Panasonic DP-C322 on our company network. The printer has a copy code on it. I have installed the Panasonic PostScript driver from the Panasonic web page. After installing the driver, I learned that I must uninstall the driver, and install the PS Driver Security Utility and then reinstall the print driver. The Panasonic manual just says uninstall the driver, but gives no instructions, and the Panasonic installation program doesn't have an uninstall feature.

Thanks for any information.

iMac (intel), Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    Print drivers are in one of the top level system or library folders.
    (I'm on an XP box right now, so can't verify the exact folder name)

    try a spotlight or Find search for panasonic or C322.
    If that doesn't work, search for .ppd

    That'll give you the folder for drivers.
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    To remove the driver from the printer setup open the Print & Fax preferences. Click in the printer list on the left, then RIGHT or CTRL-click and select Reset Printing System from the contextual menu. This will remove all installed printers.

    Download the free Easy Find utility - VersionTracker or MacUpdate. Open Easy Find, select the hard drive from the device drop down menu, enter "panasonic" in the search field. When the search finishes you should have a list of all software installed with "panasonic" in the name. You can then locate the files and delete them. You may need to do an additional search for "DP" to locate any components installed with the printer's model.

    You should also check the Panasonic website to find out if they provide either an uninstaller or instructions on how to uninstall the software.

    Printer drivers are all installed in the /Library/Printers/ folder. Locate the folder for the Panasonic drivers and delete the folder. You may need to look in the PPDs folder to find them.
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    Thanks for the helpful information. For some reason, Panasonic puts the driver in the Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/En.lproj folder and searching for Panasonic does not find it, not even with EasyFind.