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i have tried all resets i know. it is stuck on a screen that shows the cable leading to a cd that reads itunes and there is a small lock on the very top in the locked position. Any ideas? This happened after i downloaded an update a few weeks ago.Thanks

Acer, Windows Vista
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    Is your iphone hacked/unlocked?
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    I bought it from the ATT store approx 1 year ago and I dont think it has been hacked or unlocked
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    Pages 34, 132-133 and 142 of the manual give a few tips on fixing problems.

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    thanks I will check that out next
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    I went to the closest apple store 60 miles from my house. When I got there at 11 am there were at least 20 people in the store all with problems. I asked for help and was directed to an airbook where i was asked to fill out the form to make an appointment. The next available appt was 1 day later. The apple sales person told me I can not mail it back for repair it can only be done at the store. He offered absolutely no help. For a phone with such high priced service one would expect to be taken care of better then this.
    I stayed up late last night re installing everything and I finally got my phone to work. It returned to normal after 3 failed attempts from the apple web site to download the data.... It is now working. Thank you to the person who responded to my problem you were the only one.
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    have you tried powering the phone down??? sounds to me like your phone reset itself somhow.. have you tried syncing it again??
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    I too have a frozen iPhone screen. I was attempting to synch with iTunes when it locked up. I have attempted to reset the phone but can't do anything but turn it on or off. I can't reset anything.

    It shows an iTune icon and USB cable icon on the screen no matter what I attempt to do.
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    I have the same problem now. Just tried to install 2.2.1 on my iPhone, but the install crashed, now am stuck on the iTunes connect screen, and no matter what force starts, force to DFU or similar attempts I make, my phone is now stuck at that screen and I don't have time to go to an Apple store.

    Not happy at all.
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    same exact thing happened to me.. i tried installing 2.2.1 & it crashed half way through..

    I had to restore & reinstall.. the 2nd time worked - sort of... the phone was updated, now, windows doesn't recognize my iphone AT ALL!

    I plug it in to the USB port & nothing happens - i'ved tried on 2 separate PCs where this was working last week. As a bonus, my mic stopped working - so i could dial out & hear the other person, but they couldn't hear me.

    Tonight, I performed a reset and erase all data - now i'm completely stuck on the connect to Itunes screen with the cable & CD.

    This was a replacement phone b/c my orig had other issues. I've had this only ~6months.

    mine isn't jailbroken or hacked - i've played by the rules & I'm going to get screwed b/c the replacement doesn't come with a 1yr warranty like my orig.
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    hey did you ever get that fixed ? im having the same problem..
  • Jason L Community Specialists
    javi_air02 wrote:
    hey did you ever get that fixed ? im having the same problem..

    Try restoring the iPhone as described here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1808

    If you run in to any issues, create a new thread with details about the messages you saw when restoring your iPhone.

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    My story is the same and I cannot get my Iphone to do anything except turn on (which is then frozen with the picture of the CD/musical note/ USB cord)or I can turn it off. I can't get it to restart/reset. Please help, I'm new to this form of communication and I am desperate to fix this thing. Thank you.
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    It is all and good just to keep saying go to restore- but what about the loss of information? Does apple care? Does apple have some idea how to get my information before I wipe it away??????

    Worst help system i have encountered yet! For a massive corporation like apple , no 24/7 help, no live chat help, only call during business hours for help- ridiculous- considering the amount of money we pay for apple products, the support *****. Take a leaf out of HP, they have brilliant help. I am very disappointed to find out that I now need to erase my iphone, when mine too freezed when i was performing a recommended update in itunes- as apple instructed me! Furious!!!!