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I have, unfortunately, updated my itunes software to 8.0, the newest version. I have an HP running Vista. I have installed all Windows updates. I have tested my cd drive by burning a cd using Roxio software. But, Itunes will not burn a cd, it states it is burning it, and the cd drive whirs and acts like it is burning, but the disc is blank. I have even pulled it out and burned something on the disc on another computer. So, the disc was good too! Can anyone help me with this issue, or is Apple working on it?


HP, Windows Vista
  • bocelts Level 1 (0 points)
    BTW, the cd drive WILL still import cd's. It is just faking that it is burning them.

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    I have windows xp and it's doing the same thing. It cancels the burn saying there is an error.
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    There are a number of discussions ongoing about this topic. I have been searching to find a solution. The solution of adding GEAR drivers to the UpperFilters in the registry enabled the CD/DVD drive to be recognized and the importing of CDs to iTunes 8 BUT NOT enabling the ability to burn the CDs from iTunes or any other of my programs. I know I can uninstall iTunes and my Roxio burning SW, delete the UpperFilters and LowerFilters from the registry, and reinstall Roxio to burn CDs/DVDs BUT THEN I HAVE NO iTUNES!

    I am waiting to see if they will come up with a fix for this from Apple - hoping that they do soon.
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    I have the same problem unfortunately
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    I'm in the same boat as everyone else. I can still rip cd's, but can't burn using any buring software. I've tried everything I can think of and still no luck. I am very disgusted with the lack of response from Apple on this issue.
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    Same problem here. I can burn with Roxio though--just not through itunes ever since we downloaded version 8.

    I have had several go 'rounds with the support department via email--I can't even get them to acknowledge my problem. I just keep getting articles about how to burn in 8.0 or old trouble-shooting pages that only cover previous versions of itunes. I'm so frustrated!

    Tell me this. I can't burn any of the music I've bought in itunes in another program, correct? Roxio doesn't recognize the mp4 files. Do I have any options here until this is fixed? Or will itunes continue to hold my music hostage?

    p.s. I'm not incredibley tech savvy when it comes to music files, so you'll have to explain in great detail lol

    p.p. s I meant to reply to the entire thread. Not just the last poster!

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    hello all,
    same with me on my emac g4 1,25 ghz, mac os x 10.5.5., pioneer dvr-110
    burning audio cds is no longer an option for me.

    this is really frustrating and has cost me already several hours of futile work.

    with best regards mn
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    Using iTunes 8.0.
    You all might be beyond this but I found it was as simple as me not knowing how to do the right steps to burn CD's with iTunes.
    With iTunes music library open click 'File', then 'New playlist'. An untitled playlist now appears at the bottom of the left column. Scroll the left column up, open your music library again and scroll the left column down so that 'untitled playlist' shows. Then drag the album you want to burn into 'untitled playlist' and then click on it. All the songs will now open up and the 'Burn Disc' button appears in the bottom right corner. Put a check next to each song you want burned and click 'Burn Disc' button. I just burned a 17 song CD and it took 4-5 minutes with the burn speed set at 'fastest possible'.
    Again, this was the solution for me but I am brand new at iTunes and burning.
  • Noelle Tangredi1 Level 1 (15 points)
    There seems to be two different problems being reported here after itunes 8 is installed:

    1. Burning software is not recognized on computer. Not able to burn in itunes or any other burning software (Roxio, Nero, etc).


    2. Able to burn CDs in other software (Roxio, Nero) but not in itunes. The disc initializes and then an error pops up saying "The attempt to burn a disc failed. An unknown error occurred. [4000]" (or another error number starting with 4)

    I had problem number two and just solved it--you won't believe it, but all I did was uncheck the "Include CD text" option in the burn menu. This is the menu that pops up in itunes 8.0 when you click the "burn" button at the bottom of your screen. I got the idea from a google search--someone posted somewhere else that this did the trick for them. Unbelievable, but true. Maybe it will help some of you.

    Unfortunately, it likely won't help the people with problem #1.
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    OK, so the Tech support, who I don't know how to get in touch with, refuses to acknowledge the problem. This is a weird problem, cause the drive is recognized, and I can take songs off of cd's I own into ITunes. And, when it is supposed to burn, the drive makes noise and runs like it's burning and there is NO error message. Just, when it gets done, the disc is still blank. I can burn discs of other music using Roxio and Microsoft says all my drivers are up to date. So, ITunes 8 just will not burn dics. How can Apple not recognize this problem and what can we do to get them to pay attention?
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    Correct, I know how to burn a cd in ITunes and it worked while it was ITunes 7. Also works with all other burning software. No error message, just leaves a blank cd. So, thanks for the word, but not my problem.
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    Close, but I do not get an error message. The disc whirrs, light is on and it says it is burning a disc as in it checks the playlist, etc., and does like it is burning. Just at the end, the disc is blank. And, I've even taken the disc to a different computer and burned some data to it, so no problem with the disc. Just a problem between what it says it is doing and what it is actually doing. It will read discs and take songs off discs, and says it is burning, but it isn't. No error message, that is a different problem.
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    I have the same problem running Vista Home Premium. Can't burn CDs and I don't get any of the options normally available when I click the "burn CD" button. Instead, I get "No audio CD found." When I run iTunes diagnostics, I get this:

    No drivers in LowerFilters.
    No drivers in UpperFilters.
    Failed loading CD / DVD drives, error -43. Try doing a repair install on iTunes from the “Add or Remove Programs” control panel.

    I've tried the repair install numerous times.
    I've uninstalled iTunes and reinstalled it starting with a previous version. Then it wouldn't recognize my iTunes library because it was created in a newer version of iTunes, so I reinstalled the latest version.
    I've uninstalled the drivers for my CD-DVD and had them reinstalled.

    None of these ideas have worked. I can't believe no one has a fix for this, considering so many people are having the problem:-/
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    Omg... I cannot believe this. I have wasted 4 CDs now and just unchecking the "Include CD text" worked. How ridiculous! iTunes better fix this quick! Thanks so much! I would have never found this!
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