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My 4th Generation Ipod Nano has frozen for the second time. I have recently purchased a colorware Ipod Nano (4th generation). I turned it off during the day just yesterday, and then during the nighttime when I was about to sleep, I went to plug the USB Cable/Port into the Ipod Nano to keep it charged because I was going to bed. As soon as I did that everything froze. I have tried resetting the Ipod by pressing the Menu and centre button. The play/pause button and menu button. Putting the device in a refridgerator. But still nothing. Can you give me suggestions please?

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    I would return it for a new one.

    By the way, the fridge thing is only for hard drive based iPods that have a stuck hard drive issue. It doesn't do anything for solid state iPods like the Nano.

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    By frozen do you mean that it literally freezes on the screen your looking at and will not respond to clicks on the clickwheel, etc? Or do you mean it resets? What do you see on the screen when this is happening? Does it freeze while a song is playing? If it does freeze, does the music keep playing? When it seems to be frozen, is the little padlock in the upper right corner visible?

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    Yes. I mean it literally freezes on the screeen I am looking at and will not respond to clicks on the clickwheel.