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matty dread Level 1 Level 1
I was wondering if anyone knew if you could put a solid state drive in a mac mini and if anyone has done it if it worked okay....

Mac OS X (10.5.5), Mini Intel C2D 1.83, OSX 10.5.4 Mini PPC G4 1.25, OSX 10.4.11
  • Shaggywerewolf Level 4 Level 4
    As long as the SSD has a SATA interface, then yes, it should be possible.
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    Yes, I just purchased a C2D mini to replace my G4 Mini. I immediately upgraded to 4G memory and 128G SSD (G, Skill). The result is fantastic, even running Office 2004 (Only takes 2 bounces). The boot up time is less than 20 seconds and shut-off is less tan 4 seconds.

    It's compatible as SATA drives have the same connector. Just need to erase and partition via DiskUtility first.

    I decided to use TimeMachine to restore my G4's set up - not even a Hiccup. I was very surprised that I can even do that (was giving that a try since I am not going to loose anything) over 30+G of dada/application took 40 minutes and voila!

    Only thing is - the actual upgrade took me 2 hours to do so since I tried to be extremely careful.

    I love this new Mac Mini C2D - oh, one more thing - I placed a laptop cooling fan under the Mac Mini C2D.

    C2D runs much hotter (literally) than G4 Mini even with SSD drive.

    Just wonder how C2D runs with 7200 HHD.

  • matty dread Level 1 Level 1
    that is good to know...

    I actually went the 7200 hd route...it works great and far cheaper currently.

    i put a 320 gig hitachi 7200k in...and 4 gig memory.

    for me the memory made the biggest difference but the hard drive is a great improvement also. no issues for about 2 weeks now..no noticeable heat...just cruises right along.
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    Hi Matty:
    Thanks for the feedback. I have been using SSD on all my laptops (SLC- for PCs and MLC - for Macs) and I am really spoiled by them.

    Just one more question: I still have my G4 Mini, I know it has IDE/PATA 2.5" drive. Most of the speed demon SSDs are SATA. Just wonder if anyone have tried Transcend IDE 64G SSD - I know Transcend has bad reputation for being slow. But $131 for 64G SSD can be attractive to me if it can beat 4200 RPM drive currently within the Mac Mini G4..

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    how much faster do you find it? on opening programmes and startup time and everything?

    i have a pair of 1.5Tb external drives linked by a belkin firewire hub so i dont need all the internal space. i was thinking of adding a 32gb solid state drive, in the hope that the mini would boot up faster and load programmes faster

    will this be the case?
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    The boot up time - from the time of "power button" - 20 seconds
    shut off - 4 seconds

    Safari - 2.5 seconds (with stop watch)
    Firefox - 5 seconds
    Word 2004 (Rosetta) - 4.5 seconds
    iTune - I use network storage for my music 7 seconds
    Page 2008 - less than 4 seconds

    I have 39G of applications and Pararrell 4.0 (XP) on it.
    I do not think 32G (after format/partition will be 29-30G) is big enough for me.

    I have xBench number, but I won't rely on those number.

    So far, the SSD (even MLC) is pretty amazing for me - speedy, no heat and no noise.

    Only downfall - price - although they have been dropping.

    I just found out 64G SSD is about 120-140 or so.