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Some songs I load into itunes won't let me rename them. I right click on the info tab and everything is greyed out. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Randy

pc, Windows 2000
  • polydorus Level 6 Level 6
    You don't say what type of files these are. Sometimes with MP3s, iTunes doesn't like the tags. Old versions of iTunes used to have a convert ID3 tag option on the Advanced menu, but it seems to have disappeared on V8.

    If you really are using Windows 2000, you should still have the option. Try converting the ID3 tag type to none on a copy of one of the tracks as an experiment.

    Otherwise, are the problem files set to read only, or are the permissions set so your account does not have write access.
  • polydorus Level 6 Level 6
    I seem to be having brain failure here, the Convert ID3 tags function is available when you right click on an MP3 track.
  • playloud Level 1 Level 1
    Yeah when I right click and select get info, I can't open any of the things to rename anything. These are all mp3 files, and it only does it with a few?
  • playloud Level 1 Level 1
    I also tried the ID tag change and it says it is protected, is there anyway to change that? I just wanted to name it, so it fits in with the other bands/titles and such?
  • polydorus Level 6 Level 6
    That suggest that the files in question have been set to read only, or somehow you do not have permission to alter them.

    Find a problem track, an easy way is to right click on it and select show in Windows explorer.

    Right click on the file and select properties, is read only checked? Is so un check it and try again.

    If that's not it, right click on the containing folder and select Properties>>Security. Does your account have full control? If not give it full control and try again.
  • playloud Level 1 Level 1
    Success!!! Thank you soo much, that was it. They were read only files, but I unchecked them and now the problem is solved. Thanks for your knowledge and patience in the subject. Peace, Randy
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    I have a similar problem. For example I have a MP3 called "Ain't Talking 'Bout Dub" by Apollo 440. Itunes has it as Apollo Four Forty. Itunes allows me to change it to Apollo 440 and it keeps the change but then when I play the song it instantly changes back to Apollo Four Forty. I have checked & I do have read Write permission to this file. Also I have my entire itunes library on my TimeCapsule.

    I'm pretty annoyed. Help.
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    Song Name Edits & Corrections Don't Get Saved, Change Back to CDDB Names

    I have a similar problem. I have been importing aerobics CD's (for teaching spin & group fitness classes). The song name information sometimes comes in perfectly correct. There are 2 other ways it comes in that have to be fixed:

    1. song names come in as Track01, Track02, etc.
    2. song names come in slightly misspelled or with additional info I don't want to be in the name column (name examples: "I Need a Heroe," "Flo Rida - Low Radio Clean" "2005 HipHopHits ClapBack")

    On top of that (even when the information imports perfectly) I still like to rename the songs like this:

    "Song Name ###bpm Which Moves/Drills/Workout to Do"
    "Yeah! 140bpm Moderate Tension Sprints 25sec x 4"
    "Clap Back 130bpm Low Steppin' 32-count + BootyMix Combo"

    This helps me save time & organize playlists for each class.

    The problem is that after I go to the trouble of typing in all of my added info, it doesn't stay edited about 75% of the time. (When I click on the newly edited song to play it, the name changes back to its originally imported name, not my personalized name; all my changes/additions disappear.)

    How can I get my editing to be saved & not change back to the imported name?
    Thank you for any help!