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itunes just upgraded and told me that there was an update for my 4th gen ipod. The ipod was updated to 3.1.1 and now the pause button does not pause at all but does some funky marking of a start and stop within a song and then replays the seciton. This is the kind of dysfunction I expect from PC upgrades not Apple upgrades. Anyone know either how to fix it or how to go back to the prior ipod software? Thanks!

Mini, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    3.1.1? That's not a new update. As you can see from the description of the old stand-alone iPod Updater software (before iTunes incorporated that function), the updater from 2006 had that same software version for your iPod model.


    I suspect that your iPod's hard drive had some kind of disk data corruption, and when connected to iTunes, iTunes was not able to see the software version on the iPod, and therefore offered to upgrade the software. However, due to the disk data corruption, the installation is not working properly.

    You should use the Restore button (on the iPod's pane in iTunes) to erase the iPod, re-install the same 3.1.1 software (that you have probably used for the last 2+ years), and initialize the settings. Then re-sync your iPod.

    If that does not resolve the issues, run Disk Utility with the iPod connected and iTunes NOT running. Go to the Erase tab. Select the iPod's DRIVE (not the volume indented under the drive), and erase it. Once that procedure completes, quit Disk Utility and run iTunes. Immediately use the Restore button. Then re-sync it as desired.